Chicago’s wokeist Marxist Mayor Lori Lightfoot is working to destroy her city just as meticulously as Empty Shelves Joe Biden is working to destroy his country – at least as are the aides pulling his senile strings.

Gagging your police’s union president

Evidently, the 13,000-strong force of the Chicago Police Department could now be halved thanks to Lightfoot’s intrusive COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

As all police officers had been ordered to get vaccinated by October 15, the deadline expired with almost half refusing to comply, meaning that they would now have to go on unpaid leaves as per the mayor’s order.

As the deadline was coming near, this led John Catanzara, the president of the Chicago PD union, the Fraternal Order of Police, to warn of a potential police strike, The Daily Mail reported.

The pernicious Lightfoot immediately took him to court for doing his job and defending the interests of his colleagues, which resulted in a Chicago judge issuing a restraining order banning Catanzara from making any more public comments about the mayor’s devastating vaccine mandate until the next court sitting on October 25.

Now that’s called “democracy”, wokeist Marxist Democrat style!

Force decisions against the will of your most needed public servants, then sue their union leader for sticking out for them, and then have a “woke” judge gag him so he can’t even speak!

Thank you, Democrats.

The gag order against Catanzara was issued in a late-night court sitting, while in her filing on Thursday, Chicago’s abysmal wokeist mayor accused the police union president of instigating “a work stoppage or strike.”

The Fraternal Order of Police has filed a counter-suit against the city, the mayor, and David Brown, the superintendent of the police.

However, Judge Cecilia Horan of the Cook County Circuit Court ruled that Catanzara might cause “irreparable harm” with additional public comments.

He is now banned from speaking out on Lightfoot’s deranged vaccine mandate for police officers.

Horan even went as far as declaring that the police union president was encouraging “anarchy” and “sedition” because he was telling police officers to disobey government officials, according to The Chicago Tribune.

‘Reality has sunk in’

Lightfoot then of course popped on the leftist propaganda machine CNN to claim “big leaps in compliance” with the vaccine mandate in recent days.

She declared that “the reality has sunk in” – probably meaning that the threat of unemployment has terrorized to a sufficient degree the officers of the second-largest police force in the nation for them to cave in and have a virus injected in their bodies against their will.

Catanzara did take to YouTube to tell the Chicago PD staff to ignore the vaccine mandate if they think they should – which should be their right of free will.

For the time being, no police officers have been sacked since, as Lightfoot herself told CNN, the city will take a while to figure out who hasn’t been vaccinated.

If Chicago really ends up with half its police force gone, however, the consequences for public safety and order could unimaginable. And all thanks to wokeist Lori.