It has been now become painfully disheartening to be aware that the president of the United States, whoever he or she might be – or however senile and disoriented he might be, as is currently the case, is being kept in something like a golden age by his aides who control his every move, appearance, or motion.

Or at least they are trying to – because senile as he might be, Democrat President Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe Biden still has a bunch of terrifyingly embarrassing blunders up his old sleeves to shock the American public and the world with.

Kept in line by Psaki, Klain

Sleepy / Empty Shelves Joe may in fact have done more gaffes in his less than nine months since occupying the White House than any other president in American History.

And the happy camper that he is, he isn’t really hiding the fact that he is being kept on a tight leash by the disgusting bunch of Ron Klains, Jen Psakis, and other totally nasty Marxist apparatchiks running his abject White House.

But while Sleepy Joe may have committed more blunders than any president in the first 9 months of his regrettable presidency so far, he appears also to have given fewer one-on-one interviews at least than his recent predecessor.

So far Empty Shelves Joe the President has given just 10 one-on-one interviews – five times fewer than the 50 interviews that President Donald Trump gave in the same period of his presidency, The Hill writes in a report.

The figure for Trump’s predecessor, President Barack Obama, was even more staggering, with 113 interviews in the same period – and it can largely be explained with the hype surrounding his election as “America’s first black president”.

Not only has Sleepy Joe given just 10 one-on-one interviews so far but the last one occured two months ago: the pathetic August 18 interview he gave to ABC host George Stephanopoulos right in the midst of the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan that Biden himself personally caused.

And Biden did use that interview to peddle lies but claiming that none of his senior military generals had told him to keep at least a token US force in the Central Asian country to prevent its total collapse and fall to the Taliban terrorists.

‘May be the best way’

The Democrats aren’t hiding that one-on-one interviews can be “dangerous” for Biden, The Hill reports, citing Jamal Simmons, a Democrat strategist, as saying that Sleepy Joe “can sometimes get off message.”

Simmons adds that if as an administration you are trying to send out a “very clear message”, using “scripted moments” for your president “may be the best way”.

What a load of euphemistic cr*p to avoid saying that Biden is senile, likely demented, he is disoriented, and barely aware of what he’s talking about without Klains, Psakis, and other totally unknown aides putting words in his elderly mouth.

The report further notes that the lack of Biden interviews has been frustrating to some Democrats because that indicates a failure to use all communications tools available.

Sure it does – just imagine the kind of tool that interviews are when Sleepy, Senile Joe is using those.

A report by the Daily Mail emphasizes that Biden is known for “going off-script and being profane”, thus posing “a unique challenge” for his aides.

And how about the horrible challenge that he is posing for this nation in all kinds of ways?