Isn’t it just wonderful how hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America are crossing the US-Mexican border every month, and yet the administration of Democrat President Sleepy+Empty Shelves Joe Biden keeps pouring money into those countries for “migrant and refugee aid”?

Funding the processing of illegals our way

Just on Friday, the Biden administration announced another payment of $20 million to Mexico and Central America for a whopping total of $331 million in aid for the 2021 Fiscal Year to these countries that keep sending hordes of illegal Third World immigrants America’s way.

The money is distributed to Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and the likes through the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration of the US State Department.

The funds are supposed to help those nations “meet the urgent humanitarian needs” of some 700,000 “asylum seekers, refugees, and vulnerable migrants” in the said countries, according to a statement of the US State Department headed by Biden’s pathetic former aide Antony Blinken.

The expenses of the authorities of the Central American countries to be paid for by the US government with this “migration money’ include shelter, legal aid, healthcare, and psychological support for the illegal immigrants.

So basically, the Biden administration is pouring more and more money into these nations so they can “process” better and faster more and more illegal immigrants coming to the United States of America.

Why aren’t Russia or China paying for that?!

The Biden State Department perplexingly proudly adds that the United States is the “single largest donor of aid” for migrants in the region.

Big surprise.

Who could be a bigger donor?

The Europeans who are plagued by their own wokeist Marxists that are taking in illegals from the entire Middle East and Africa?

Or Japan which is shrewd enough to not let in any immigrants so as to preserve its traditional national character?

Actually, the Blinken subordinates might have a point of noting that America is providing the aid.

It would make sense for America’s enemies to do that – make sure to flood it will illegals in order to destabilize it.

For example, it makes logical sense to see Russia, or China, or Iran, or North Korea, to name but a few, funding the exodus of Central Americans to the United States.

Instead, the Biden administration has taken the role of America’s enemy and is funding lavishly with US taxpayer dollars, of course, the caravans of illegal Third World immigrants into America.

That’s why the Biden Democrats have been crying with crocodile tears about illegal immigration – it’s all part of their plan to flood our nation with Third World people and secure a permanent pro-wokeist majority for themselves.

This is being done right now, and the actual tax-paying, hard-working patriotic American citizens are paying for it with their taxes.