The mayor of the once-great American city of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, despairingly repugnant, obnoxious, and hypocritical person, has reached new heights in her defiance of the “masses” that she dominates from her post.

Pose maskless in a crowd, then post it on Twitter

Democrat Lightfoot, who is an ardent leftist wokeist Marxist and an anti-white racist who refused to give interviews to white journalists, has now blatantly violated the mask mandate of the state of Illinois – and has widely advertised that without any regard for the basic decency that she must project not just as a politician but as a human.

During Sunday night’s WNBA basketball game at Chicago’s Wintrust Arena, which led to the first WNBA title for Chicago Sky as it triumphed over Phoenix, Lightfoot took a photo op while being surrounded by a crowd of fans.

And in doing so, she was the single person in the entire crowd who wasn’t wearing a COVID-19 mask, The Daily Mail reported.

Not just that, but, apparently in order to rub it in the face of the Chicago public, the vile wokeist then posted the photo on Twitter, thus advertising her feat of Marxist denigration of the “masses”.

Lightfoot thus violated not just her own mask mandate but also the statewide mask mandate issued by the state of Illinois, which requires that audiences at all sporting events over 2 years of age wear masks without regard for their vaccination status.

Of course, the Marxists, including those of Lightfoot’s wokeist type, are convinced that they have been chosen – not by God because they don’t believe in him – but by themselves, and can thus behave in all kinds of ways that are forbidden for the wretched general population, and that’s that.

The state of Illinois’ sweeping mask mandate, which Lightfoot so impudently violated, is good not just for sporting events but also for all indoor public settings, including public transport and schools.

In a City of over 25,000 Covid deaths

The state has suffered over 1.6 million COVID-19 cases and a total of 25,407 deaths since the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

The city of Chicago itself has about 320 newly diagnosed coronavirus cases, 21 new hospitalizations, and three new COVID-19 deaths per day, a positivity rate of about 2%.

Of course, vicious wokeist Lori Lightfoot is a small fish to fry over her abject defiance of the mask mandate, after on Sunday both her fellow Democrat, President Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe Biden and his First Lady and First Caretaker Jill literally paraded themselves maskless as they went out for dinner at a posh restaurant in Washington, DC, thus violating brazenly the mandate of DC mayor Muriel Bowser (who has also been caught maskless in the past.)

It is just unbelievable how terribly high above the “masses” these people think they stand.

And while some may counter that politicians are often like that, this goes well beyond that: this is precisely the typical misanthropic mind of the leftist ruler.