The things that come out of the liberal leftist mouths of the talking heads of the Biden administration are totally unbelievable for the rational brain of any normal, decent human being.

It isn’t just the constant slur through scripted blabber out of senile Democrat President Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe Biden or the hyena-like chuckle of his equally abysmal veep Kamala Harris.

It’s all of their aides who actually seem to run the show.

Luckily, Biden’s chief caretaker and chief of staff Ron Klain doesn’t speak publicly much but he makes up for that with his constant Twitter activities resulting in idiotic conclusions such as inflation being a “high-class problem.”

Psaki stands out

Perhaps top of the top of all of the Biden-Harris-Marxist administration is Sleepy Joe’s obnoxious press secretary Jen Psaki who is only good for making statements in the range between useless and embarrassing.

The press secretary, especially the case of a senior-moments president like Biden, is supposed to smooth over his or her boss’s gaffes – but in Psaki’s case, she just piles more nonsense on top of those.

On Monday, Psaki was asked by a reporter during her daily briefing to comment on a Financial Times report that Communist China has tested a new hypersonic nuclear-capable missile which successfully circled the entire planet before coming back to earth and striking near its intended target.

According to the report, which cited five US intelligence sources, the intelligence community and the US government were caught completely off guard and have no idea how the Chinese did it.

As the reporter asked whether that, and overall boost in China’s nuclear capability, should be a cause for worry for the United States, Psaki’s main comment was that “we welcome stiff competition.”

How’s that for a foreign and security policy strategy?

Welcoming your enemies’ development of new weapons that can obliterate your own citizens, and, in the best-case scenario result in an endless arms race, which itself, in the worst-case scenario can destroy life on earth completely, as was feared back in the good old US-Soviet Cold War days? Sound good?

Psaki did share that “we are concerned” with respect to the military capabilities which “the PRC continues to purpose”.

Stiff competition?

But we aren’t afraid of “stiff competition” as long it doesn’t “veer into conflict” – but of course it won’t, Jen.

We’ll just compete, compete, compete, “stiffly” at that, and it won’t at some point result in an all-out nuclear war.

You can be sure of that.

And she seems to be.

Biden’s press secretary added that the welcome-stiff-competition-but-as-long-as-we-don’t-go-to-war mindset of the Biden administration has been “conveyed privately” to China as well.

If that is really the case, first, the Chinese Commies must think that America is being ruled by totally inadequate incompetents, which it seems to be, and, second, they wouldn’t be scared at all into abandoning their WMD development.

With this approach on part of the Biden regime, it might that America’s security troubles with China are just beginning.