Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden – now also known even more proudly as Empty Shelves Joe – has been stunning the American public and making America into a global laughing stock with his various “senior experiences” exhibiting senility, possibly even dementia, lack of orientation, slurred speech, and incoherent arguments, among other things.

Not to mention him famously falling down while climbing the stairs of Air Force One, or, far less famously getting lost at a restaurant at the G7 summit in the UK, with his wife and apparent caretaker Jill rushing to collect him.

##Soon as he’s turning 79

He’s been occupying the White House for not even nine months, and Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe is already presiding over some of the worst crises in American history: from the seemingly deliberate deletion of the US-Mexican border to allow the Third World hordes of illegals to pour inside the US, to the devastating surrender to the Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan, all the way to the unprecedented supply chain crisis coupled with spiking inflation.

It can hardly be quantified by outsiders of Biden’s inner circle how much of the terrible decisions that he has been making in the capacity of the president are due to his poor mental health condition, and how much – due to the total of incompetence and Marxism of his aides running his life.

At least Biden, who is going to be 79 years old on November 20, 2021, is now going to undergo a full physical exam – and that is going to happen “soon”, by the end of this year.

This much has been promised by his cheeky press secretary Jen Psaki after she kept being asking about the big old sleepy president man’s health at her daily press briefings, events that have hardly been useful for anything other than proving the horrendous incompetence of the Biden administration.

Physical or mental?

Psaki made the promise of a physical check-up for Sleepy Joe as she was responding a question by Playboy reporter Brian Karem.

She couldn’t offer an exact date of the exam, however, vowing to inform the press duly when it happens, and adding that NBC News reporter Kelly O’Donnell also keeps asking the same question.

Back in September when Biden was coughing, Psaki said there was not a problem with his health, and in May she declared that Sleepy Joe is “sometimes hard to keep up with” – as though that’s a good thing considering how patients with dementia tend to wander off and get lost.

While Psaki has promised to let the public know when Biden gets a physical, the real problem seems to be that he needs a mental health exam.

Unfortunately, none of the present reporters asked about that.

The question about Empty Shelves Joe getting a physical have come against the backdrop of the hospitalization of former President Bill Clinton with sepsis, and 75-year-old Clinton is almost 4 years younger than Sleepy Joe the President.