It turns out that Sleepy Joe Biden being totally wrong on foreign policy and defense in the nine months since occupying the White House is nothing new for the man.

According to ex-Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Biden has “been wrong on nearly” all major issues on foreign policy and national security “over the past four decades.”

Gates, who has worked for eight US Presidents and served as Secretary of Defense in 2006-2011, i.e. under both President George W. Bush and his successor Barack Obama, affirmed this view of Biden as an all-out foreign policy failure in an interview on CBS News program “60 Minutes” on Sunday.

At the same time, with respect to foreign policy decisions, and particularly with respect to tackling China, Gates praised President Donald Trump for “getting it right.”

Biden’s abysmal foreign policy record

The former Defense Secretary recalled that even back when he supposedly wasn’t as Sleepy as he is today, Biden opposed all of President Ronald Reagan’s military programs to confront the Soviet Union (hm, why was that? Commie solidarity?).

Biden also opposed the First Iraq War in 1991 which prevented Sadam Hussain from annexing Kuwait.

Gates added that while both were serving in the Obama administration – 2009-2011 – they had “significant differences” on Afghanistan and other issues, with the list of Biden’s foreign policy blunders “going on and on.”

And we know how disastrously he “led” America in Afghanistan just a couple of months ago guaranteeing our defeat by the Taliban terrorists.

In his interview, Gates simply said that Biden has “made a mistake” on Afghanistan, without indulging in the outrageousness of that mistake.

However, he emphasized that with respect to China as well as Taiwan and China’s encroachments again the island republic, “President Trump got it right.”

The ex-Defense Secretary said America ought to concentrate on deterring China by boosting America’s own military position in the respective region.

And, secondly, it should be boosting Taiwan’s self-defense abilities.

Trump awakened business community on Communist China

Gates particularly praised Trump because he “awakened Americans” and the business community in particular on China, and those “assumptions” “which we had gotten wrong” over the past 40 years, namely, that if China is richer, it would become freer.

“Clearly, that’s not going to happen,” Gates declared

He stressed the economic side of the China puzzle, as its communist regime now manages about three dozen top ports around the world, and is dominating trade everywhere, including in most of South America.

In his words, the Chinese “are everywhere” – so he asked what the United States is doing to compete with the Commies in the non-military theaters.

Gates concluded that the US still has “lots of arrows in its quiver” and will remain a factor to be reckoned with when it comes to the Indo-Pacific region.

His warning with respect to Joe Biden, however, is truly frightening, as he has testified to the horrendous ability of the Sleepy Joe in the White House to completely mess everything up – and he already has in barely nine months since he got there.