Who isn’t at least vaguely familiar with the duplicitous and obnoxious New York Democrat-progressivist-Marxist congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, more widely known as AOC?

The highly hypocritical woman has been poking her wokeist nose all over American political and social life to advance the agenda which aims to destroy the American republic and replace it is with a totally vicious far-left totalitarian dictatorship to rule until the end of time in a 1984-style alliance with the Big Tech corporations.

AOC, party’s over!

AOC, who entered politics in 2018 and is up for reelection in the 2022 midterm elections, however, may now be in trouble – hopefully – from a truly worthy right-wing challenger for her congressional seat who stands for all the moral qualities and real-life credentials that she constantly tries to fake.

Enter Desi Cuellar, a Hispanic American of Cuban origin, with a real working-class background, a work experience as a bartender, and who on top of everything has also been homeless, reports The Western Journal.

AOC can frequently be heard touting her “working-class” status, whereas, in reality, she led a comfortable and well-funded life.

In Cuellar’s case, it is all real, however, and even in that case, he has never sought to portray himself as a victim – unlike what AOC and all the other Marxist varieties love to do.

Cuellar, who has launched a hard-hitting campaign ad, has actually worked hard and achieved something even when all odds were against him, and largely thanks to the great opportunities offered to him by his home country, the United State of America.

Never been a victim of “systemic racism”

In his ad, the courageous Hispanic American man emphasizes how he has never blamed “systemic racism” for any of his problems.

Instead, he just worked really hard, and never really gave up on hoping that he is going to make it – which has always been the American way, unbeknownst to the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and all the other varieties of entitlement-whining Marxists, wokeists, and transgenderists.

Cuellar joined the National Guard in 2015 in order to do more for his country.

In his ad, he emphasizes how he himself is the living proof that America gives opportunity to anybody, and that American values and constitutional rights that differentiate us from the rest of the world are entirely worth fighting for.

He states the painfully obvious: that AOC, not unlike all the other Marxist anti-Americans out there, is trying to “undo what countless” Americans have given their lives to preserve.

Desi Cuellar’s two-minute ad ends when he tells Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in Spanish that “the party is over.”

Hopefully, for her, it will be.

That alone would be of tremendous benefit to the United States of America and its good people.