Alongside marching wokeism oftentimes consisting purely of anti-white racism, the ideology of transgenderism – the other leading strain of modern-day American far-left – is also scoring big “wins” these days.

What a piece of progress!

Thus, on Monday, the administration of Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe Biden declared 63-year-old Rachel Levine, a biological male, and a “transgender woman”, to be the “first-ever female 4-star admiral” of the Commissioned Corps of the United States Public Health Services.

Wait, what?

How is that for a “first”, ha? – as the liberal leftist like to boast in their totally made-up world of “progress”, or rather, “progressivism”.

How is that for the achievement of feminism, oops, sorry, transgenderism?

Because the respective individual is the first “woman” four-star admiral something, without really being a woman.

Oh, sorry, of course, he, that is, she, is a woman – by “gender transitioning”.

Shouldn’t they at least say that Rachel Levine is the first female four-star something – something – who was born a biological man?

The abominations that America has come to at the hands of ultra-liberalism-turned-Marxism are just unbelievable.

The Biden administration transgenderists were already excessively proud of having Levine anyway because as assistant secretary for health at the DHHS, he, or she, became the holder of the extremely honorable title – of the “first openly transgender official” to have been confirmed by the US Senate.

Wow, what a victory for humanity, right??!

The wokeist-transgenderist Marxists portray such made-up feats as the most important thing in the world simply in order to brainwash the innocent minds of the American youth into thinking that transgenderism is an OK ideology.

It’s ok, it’s even great!

Anti-utopia of inclusion

Everything to legitimize a morally corrupt and decrepit ideology whose sole purpose is to destroy, to shred to pieces the fabric of American society by tricking Americans into finding refuge in made-up identities such as gender, or real identities such as race – and to focus their entire lives on those.

Not on freedom and democracy but on the rise of Marxist identity politics in order to decide one day that it’s perfectly normal to destroy the American republic and to supplant with an evil totalitarian far-left dictatorship – which would at least at first claim the trappings of “inclusion.”

The DHHS touted Levine’s “historic” accomplishment amid “the accomplishments of LGBTQ+ History Month” because those would “create a more inclusive society.”

Levine, too, said her latest appointment “as the first female – etc” is a great step to a “more inclusive future.”

What an awesome future it will be?

Inclusion, inclusion, inclusion.

Everybody will be included, plugged into wokeism, transgenderism, and Marxism to the bone.

Maybe the day will come when if somebody wouldn’t want to change their “gender”, they will have to anyway.

Because otherwise, that person will be a “transphobe” – whatever the hell that means.

If somebody dares to disagree with the madness – tough sh*t – they will be destroyed online and likely also in person.

It will be great, thanks to Levine and the rest of the transgenderist strike squads that sprung up under the Biden administration.