What is happening over here?

The government of the United States is allowing all people from Third World countries to enter our nation as they please as illegal immigrants, it is allowing them to then settle freely wherever inside the country they like, and, to top it all off, it is actively resettling them itself by transporting them in the interior so that they don’t have to transport themselves!

Free rides for resettlement

Why would any government of any country do that – because all those actions are clearly anti-patriotic, seditious, and to the detriment of the real citizens?

The catch is that the government doing that is acting not as a government of the American people but as a government of a narrow cohort of vicious anti-American wokeist Marxists: namely, the administration of Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe Biden the Democrat President.

Evidently, the horrendous Biden administration has reached new “highs” – which are “lows” for those who truly care about America – in the implementation of its immigration agenda to flood this nation with Third World people as future voters of the almost fully Marxist Democratic Party.

It is now flying underage illegal immigrants from Texas all the way to New York so they can be resettled there, according to an investigation by The New York Post.

Data from the Customs and Border Protection agency shows that a whopping 37,805 “unaccompanied minors” entered the US illegally from Mexico in July-August 2021, with many of those abandoned by the vicious Mexican human smugglers known as “cyotes”.

The NYP reporters witnessed two planes full of illegal underage immigrants land at Westchester County Airport, New York, last week.

Apparently to conceal them by the public, both flights came late in the evening: one arrived at 10:49 pm on Wednesday and another at 9:52 pm on Friday.

The report said most of those who got off the flights were teens and very young children, plus some men in their 20s.

From the airplanes, the illegal immigrants were loaded on buses, with police officers standing guard.

Subsequently, the reporters detected some of the same underage illegals from Westchester Airport meeting with sponsors or relatives in New Jersey or taken to a facility in Long Island.

High degree of secrecy

The NYP’s analysis of online tracking data shows that since August 8 a total of 21 flights so far have transported some 2,000 illegal migrants from Texas to Worchester airport, which is located outside White Planes.

At least some of the migrant resettlement flights arrived past midnight: two flights from Houston came at 2:13 and 4:29 in the morning on August 20 – suggesting nothing but a high level of secrecy.

A source cited by the NYP revealed that underage illegals are taken to places such as Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn in NYC, and Newburgh and Bridgeport as well as Danbury in Connecticut.

As the migrant flights to Worchester reportedly stop off in Florida, some of the illegal aliens have been detected dropped off in Jacksonville, Florida, and from there making a two-hour bus journey at the Twin Oaks Academy, which is a juvenile detention center situated in the Apalachicola National Forest near Tallahassee.

The Biden administration isn’t just striving to modify America – it is striving to completely alter the make-up of the American population to serve its far-left totalitarian goals.