Breaking news from the Berkeley Atmospheric Sciences Center as David Romps, who was the director of BASC for many years resigned as an anti-censorship gesture.

One of the hot topics throughout the previous few weeks was Dorian Abbott, a professor at the University of Chicago, who had an MIT lesson scheduled for October 21st.

However, the lesson was officially canceled after students protested against his pro-meritocracy views as well as statements regarding the George Floyd riots that occurred last summer.

Dorian Abbott criticized the gravity of the riots suggesting that the protesters didn’t have to go after physical properties and damage city monuments.

David Romps invited Abbott to BASC

Announcing his resignation through a series of tweets, David Romps explained that he was guided to the drastic decision because BASC didn’t want to invite Abbott and allow him to hold a lesson on findings in climate science, previously canceled at the MIT.

As the resigning director suggested, the main reason why he wanted to invite Abbott, apart from the fact that his students should hear more about geophysics and climate science is to reaffirm BASC as a scientific organization.

According to him, many faculties stand affected by controversial or wide-spreading political views, contradicting freedom of speech.

He continued by tweeting that the idea of success shouldn’t be limited by family status, ideas, religion, and ethnicity - excluding and canceling people for their political views is wrong and harmful.

Abbott on George Floyd Riots and Meritocracy

The reason why both MIT and Berkeley didn’t want Dorian Abbott is due to the student outrage caused by his “controversial political views”.

In the past couple of months, and during last summer, he posted several videos regarding the George Floyd riots happening in Chicago.

Abbott focused on how the riots lost their sense, damaging property and endangering civilians who aren’t a part of the BLM movement.

Furthermore, Dorian Abbott openly spoke about the concept of equity popularized in the last few years.

According to him, universities/faculties should treat students by their academic merit.

It seems that David Romps isn’t an isolated case as the officials at Princeton University took a step against censorship inviting Dorian Abbott to speak at the James Medison Program in American Ideals and Institutions this Thursday.

On the other hand, the resigning director finished his public statement by suggesting that he will step away from his BASC role as soon as a replacement is found (by the end of the year).