Once a proud and patriotic American city, Portland, Oregon, has risen, or rather, collapsed into becoming one of the capitals of the Democrat-rule parts of America.

And the consequences of this are already expectedly horrendous: law enforcement has not only been defunded but has been cornered and denigrated completely and left incapable of guaranteeing public order, and in many instances, the actual enforcement of the law.

Niceties of wokeism

Thus, in late September, Portland broke its record number of homicides, with a total of 67 killings in 2021 so far, surpassing the previous record of 66 murders recorded back in 1987 – with three months left of the year!

So far in 2021, Oregon’s largest city has suffered over 1,000 shootings, in which a whopping 314 bystanders were injured by flying-off bullets.

On top of that, three-quarters of all of Portland’s homicides were deaths caused by gun violence.

Homicides in Portland appear to be growing proportionally to the defunding of the local police, as it had on 20 murders in 2016, which went up to 55 in 2020.

The budget of the poor Portland police department has been cut by millions and millions of dollars thanks to vicious Communist-Marxist progressivist Democrats from the “defund the police” movement.

This has immediately resulted in staffing shortages, not to mention a dwindling of enforcement power caused by new legislation severely restricting the powers of the police and the rights of officers.

Running on fumes

Back in 2020, the wokeism-dominated city council of Portland slashed a whopping $27 million from the budget of the police.

$11 million was due to cuts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Police union leaders have been warning that the defunding is going to cost human lives – but what do the wokeist Marxists care?

Jim Ferraris, the president of the Oregon Chiefs of Police Association told the Wall Street Journal that he’s “never seen the police so stressed” in terms of personal strength.

The executive director of the Portland police union, Daryl Turner, is quoted as saying that the police force in the city is “running on fumes” and has no way for proper investigations of all the shootings that are happening.

Of course, with many of America’s major cities controlled by Democrats – with the progressivist Commies taking over the Democratic from within and imposing their vicious anti-human and anti-American policies – the defunding of the police is already being reflected in nation-wide data.

Thus, homicides grew nationwide by almost 30% in 2020 compared with 2019, based on FBI data, cited by The Daily Mail.

This is the biggest homicide rate increase since the FBI has kept national records starting in 1960.

In Portland, however, the spike is far bigger – by 83%. The city is heavily being damaged by wokeists and it’s showing.