The scope of actions taken by various leftist, anti-American and plain seditious factors in the United States in order to harass President Donald Trump – including through legal and media manipulation means – has been staggering ever since he started running for the US presidency.

A ridiculous lawsuit by KKK Mexicans

That has come to the fore once again on Monday after the 45th President of the United States was forced to give a deposition in what he described as a “ridiculous” lawsuit against him filed by Mexicans who demonstrated outside his Trump Tower building in September 2015.

Back then the Mexican provocateurs were dressed in Ku Klux Klan outfits, accused Trump of “racism” – simply because he dared to criticize the unbridled illegal immigration of countless Latin Americans to the United States – and claim to this day that they were assaulted by Trump’s security.

The entire case is indeed ludicrous and shows how anti-American forces tried to stifle Donald Trump’s patriotic bid for the White House very early on, as soon as it became official – such are the hatred and the fear of the leftist from him.

In a statement on Monday, Trump explained that the lawsuit by the impudent KKK-clad Mexicans should never have been allowed in court simply because the then protesters are themselves to blame for it.

He emphasized that the Mexicans didn’t protest peacefully but deliberately tried to blockade the Trump Tower entrance on 5th Avenue, right in the middle of the day, while sporting Ku Klux Klan attire and accessories.

Proving Trump’s original point

They were also abusing Trump’s patriotic slogan of “Make America Great Again” by replacing it with “Make America Racist Again.”

Because the Marxists, the America-haters, the enemies of the United States, and, naturally, the anti-white racists would attack everything and everybody that is truly American and patriotic with the baseless, vicious, cliché racism accusations in the hope of smearing them and covering up their own seditiousness.

As the ridiculous lawsuit names as defendants Trump himself, his campaign plus his former security head, Keith Schiller, the 45th President recalled how the security guards attempted to deescalate the situation but were attacked with violence and taunts by the Mexicans.

The so-called protesters’ behavior in essence totally proves Trump’s point about unbridled illegal immigration from Mexico, in which he called the illegal Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists.

In his deposition, which was taped on Monday inside the Trump Tower, President Trump declared that he was actually pleased to have the opportunity to tell the truth about the 2015 protest story “after years of litigation”.

He described the lawsuit by the KKK Mexicans as yet another case of “baseless harassment of your favorite President.”