On October 18th, the Powell family announced that the late Secretary died aged 84.

Just a few hours after the breaking news, many celebrities, lawmakers, and government officials tweeter or issued publically statements about all the great career points that Collin Powell had held during Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush Senior, Bush Junior, and Clinton administrations.

Former President of the United States, Donald Trump, issued a public statement about how the media is praising Collin Powell even though, according to him, the late Secretary was a promoter of the weapons of mass destruction and one of the main people responsible for the mistakes in Iraq.

Trump expressed hope that he will be treated as beautifully as Collin Powell once he dies.

Trump stated that Powell was a RINO and a person responsible for destruction in Iraq

After hundreds of praising comments, Donald Trump spoke for Save America stating that he doesn’t understand how do “Fake News Media” treats Powell so beautifully in his death.

As he suggested, the late Secretary was a huge advocate of the mass weapons of destruction used in Iraq and Iran and made many mistakes during his office.

He continued by reminding the public that Collin Powell has criticized the GOP on numerous occasions and on unfounded grounds.

According to Bob Woodward, he didn’t stop criticizing Trump’s mandate till the end, as he made a series of remarks in his final interview for the Washington Post.

Even though Trump made it clear that he doesn’t support Collin Powell and suggests that he made a series of mistakes, he ended his statement with a “may he rest in peace” note.

Collin Powell and his trailblazing career

Apart from being the first black Chairman of the JCS (Bush Sr.) and the Afro-American security adviser (Reagan), Collin Powell’s trailblazing career is highlighted by his office as the State Secretary under Bush Junior’s administration.

Interestingly, while Trump came out with a criticizing public statement the ex-Vice President Mike Pence sent words of condolences and suggested that Collin Powell was a great American patriot who deserves all the praise and respect.

Deceased at the age of 84, the late Secretary of state was diagnosed with multiple myeloma which is a rare form of blood cancer that hinders the body’s natural response to inflammations.

Very soon after the breaking news of Collin Powell’s death, his family announced that it came as a consequence of COVID19 complications.