The ideological propaganda excesses of the liberal leftist in the American mainstream media are so egregious that they do from time to time give birth to powerful dissident voices.

And, just like in the “good” ol’ Soviet Union, the propaganda machine from time to time allows criticism on its own channels just in order to allow the public to let off some steam – it’s an old Commie tactic to control the masses.

One of those powerful dissident voices is former New York Times writer Bari Weiss who in 2020 canceled herself by quitting in protest against the censorship and cancel culture.

And one such instance of the propaganda machine allowing such a dissident to speak out was in the latest edition of CNN’s “Reliable Sources” show hosted by the preeminently obnoxious anchor Brian Stelter where Weiss was a guest.

Examples of world gone mad

In her interview, Weiss directly criticized CNN for the network’s monstrous role precisely in promoting Marxist censorship and self-censorship and the vicious cancel culture that’s terrorizing patriotic, decent Americans on social media and beyond.

Weiss did explain in detail what she meant in a piece on her popular Substack blog when stating that “the world has gone mad” with wokeism and transgenderism, through self-censorship and cancel culture.

She mentioned various examples of that: when the New York Times says it’s racist to investigate the Chinese state laboratory origin of the COVID-19 virus; when children in kindergarten get segregated by race and the wokeists say it’s progress; when condemning rioting is “racist”; when transgenderists claim there are no differences between men and women; or when the Hunter Biden laptop leak story is completely ignored by the mainstream media.

She denounced the fact that there are stories that are deemed “third rail” in the mainstream media, leading to profound self-censorship among journalists.

Narrowing down the acceptable to say

Weiss lambasted a number of crucial public factors guilty of imposing Marxism and the respective censorship to support it: Hollywood, universities, the news media, and publishing houses.

She outlined how they are all “narrowing in a radical way what’s acceptable to be said,” in what is becoming increasingly a full habit of “disinformation by omission” that‘s wreaked havoc upon journalism.

Weiss was also categorical that censorship, self-censorship and cancel culture do not need to be decreed by some powerful dictator; instead, it’s the entire climate that Marxists have been able to impose upon the American nation.

The entire interview of Bari Weiss on CNN’s Reliable Sources was about seven minutes, and through almost all of that otherwise obnoxious anchor Brian Stelter was forced to shut up, listen and hum in agreement by the dissident journalist’s reasoning, arguments, and eloquence.