The good people of the United States of America really ought to learn a lot more about the Marxism-Communism experience of other nations around the globe – from Eastern Europe to East Asia to Cuba – in order to comprehend the true horror of perfidy, lies, manipulations, political crimes, and nepotism that the modern-day American Marxists stand for.

In the mind of the Marxist not only isn’t there objective truth and reality, and not only is he or she the one who decides upon what it is on a whim, but he or she is convinced to death of being entitled to wealth and high status along with power – simply by virtue of being the one who espoused “the revolution”.

And all of that is based on families and connections, families of power, with the “original Marxist’s” entitlements always passing down to his or her children.

In this overarching, preeminent Marxist narrative, the common folk – supposedly benefitting from the Marxist’s “great ideas”, “good intentions”, and “revolutionary struggle” – are reduced to being the “people masses” somewhere down below – to be ignored or despised but never to be treated as equal or even considered.

Maxine the Marxist shows us the Commie way!

Enter Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters of California – a woman repeatedly stocking violent racial riots – playing dead-on to the classic far-left party functionary stereotypes, and displaying exactly the kind of nepotism nasty Commies from around the world are known for.

Apparently, in the 2021 Fiscal Year, esteemed Maxine – who happens to be chair of the House Financial Services Committee – paid her own daughter Karen Waters a total of $81,650 in campaign funding money.

Could’ve been more but what a nice year’s salary.

Like a good far-left apparatchik Maxine is taking care of her offspring well into advanced age. Why leave her daughter to the open market where she’d have to compete with the masses on the basis of merit?

The payment to Karen Waters was made in 12 installments between October 2020 and June 2021, The Daily Mail reported after reviewing the California Democrat’s financial disclosure records.

The report shows that Maxine broke down over $212,600 in payments into 26 entries, including “slate mailer management” fees and “get out the vote” efforts.

According to a Fox News estimate, the money received by Karen Waters as a salary from her mother’s campaign funding for the calendar year so far – from January until September – is $74,000.

This isn’t the first time, however.

In fact, Maxine has been doing this for at least 17 years – back when The Los Angeles Times first reported that she paid more than $1 million to her own family for their campaign efforts.

Karen Waters has been working on the campaigns of her nepotistic mother for decades, making more than $1.1 million that way since 2003, with $250,000 in the 2020 election cycle alone.

Feeding the kiddos campaign money

83-year-old Maxine Waters has been a member of Congress since 1991, and her daughter Karen is 63.

Karen is so talented that she organizes slate-mailing operations for her mommy, meaning that the campaign hires a consulting firm to make a pamphlet and to advise voters on how to cast ballots.

Nice ways to siphon off campaign money!

Waters’ son Edward Jr has also participated in the slate mail proceeds and has also been a consultant to other campaigns backed by Maxine.

Back in 2001, Maxine told the LA Times that her children “do their business and I do mine” – and that “we are not bad people” – which is exactly what every Commie apparatchik has ever said while embezzling public money for the family benefit and eventually sending those who dare to protest that to concentration camps.