Democrat President Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe Biden appears to have just resorted once again to a lie that he first told in the 1980s – and then he admitted it was not true in 1988 when he launched a failed presidential bid: namely, that he was actively involved in the civil rights movement in 1960s.

It is upon this lie – which he resurrected in the 2010s, up until today – that seems to rest much of Biden’s otherwise “inexplicable” support among the black community, writes C. Douglas Golden of The Western Journal.

The columnist emphasizes that thanks to Biden’s overwhelming support among African-Americans he defeated Vermont Commie Bernie Sanders for the 2020 Democrat presidential nomination, and also thanks to it that he got the results that he did in the 2020 election.

So much so that Biden felt confident enough to state during his campaign on the NYC radio program, The Breakfast Club, that if you’re black and not supporting him “then you ain’t black.”

Claiming civil rights movement credit where it isn’t due

On Monday, Biden once again reused his lie that he himself exposed in 1988, as he was addressing the “State and National Teachers of the Year” 2021 event at the White House.

In it, Sleepy Joe told the story of how he first got elected to the US Senate from the state of Delaware back in 1972.

The long story of him as a Democrat underdog included an episode of how a certain Dr. Ingersoll from the University of Delaware encouraged him to run by paraphrasing a quote from Plato about good people having to participate in politics or pay the price of getting ruled by worse people.

At that point, Biden claims he told the old professor that he had “gotten involved in the civil rights movement.”

Except he apparently lied to him – because his involvement appears to have been that of a football fan cheering for a team – who would later claim he got “involved” in the team, the columnist writes.

In a 1988 speech available on video, then Delaware Senator Joe Biden admits that he wasn’t involved in the civil rights movement, not in any tangible way – he stated that he was “concerned” but not an “activist.”

And yet, prior to that, and then again in his years as Vice President of Barack Obama, around the 2020 presidential campaign, and just now – he has told various stories of participating in marches, sit-ins, and other moves to desegregate the movie theaters in Wilmington, Delaware, and other venues such as restaurants.

In 1988, he admitted that he was simply “involved” on a mental level, so to say but he “was not out marching” at the time of the civil rights movement.

“Stopped” hundreds of miles away from Nelson Mandela

Apart from the evident civil rights movement participation lie of Joe Biden, The Western Journal columnist reminds of another race-related lie and/or blunder of today’s supposed “leader” of the Free World.

In February 2020, Biden alleged that he was arrested by the South African police during the apartheid era while he was trying to visit the legendary Nelson Mandela in prison.

Except it turned out that he was not arrested but “stopped”, and he was in Soweto, Johannesburg, hundreds of miles away from Cape Town where Mandela was being jailed at the time.

Apparently, Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe continues to disgrace himself by telling lies, half-truths, and stories filled with inconsistencies just in order to claim any kind of credit for the civil rights movement and racial justice – and apparently those have stuck considering the support he’s been getting from the African-American voters.