It just seems practically impossible to catch any kind of a political break with the Democratic Party as it is increasingly dominated by figures who are going further and further in the coming with deranged “progressivist” ideas and Marxist policies that are destroying everything that still stands from the freedom, democracy, rights, and responsibilities of the American citizens.

One of those figures appears to be Eric Adams, the current Democrat candidate for mayor of New York City who wants to succeed the catastrophic Bill de Blasio in the city elections in November.

Adams remains the likely new mayor of New York City after he defeated his Democratic opponents for the party nomination – simply because the NYC electorate is mostly pro-Democrat.

This disadvantage for the Republicans there is largely due to the fact that the Democrats view all non-white voters as theirs by default, as part of their feudal domain – and have actually managed to convince a great many from that group that this is really the case.

That is why, it is believed that there are slim chances in November for a victory of the Republican mayoral candidate, Curtis Sliwa – an absolutely outstanding public figure and a great American patriot, who has proven that for many decades with his founding and leadership of the Guardian Angels, a worldwide organization for crime prevention.

Clinging to power no matter what

Considering the default electoral advantage of the Democrats in NYC, some Republicans appeared relieved when it was Eric Adams who won the Democrat nomination for mayor – largely because of his decades-long experience in the New York Police Department and the expectation that he would be much tougher on crime.

If he wins, that may or may not be the case – but Adams has just handed all American patriots a nasty surprise: he has now declared himself in favor of giving city voting rights to all “non-citizens” who reside in New York.

If that idea materializes, it will be one of the dirtiest tricks ever by the Democrats to secure a staying in power by default just thanks to their control of the majority of non-white voters.

It doesn’t matter for the progressivists, far-leftists, Marxists, etc., that those are people who aren’t citizens of the United States, and many of them might now really have the nation’s best interest in mind and at heart.

Apparently, all that matters for the Democrats – as very diligent Marxists – is just staying in power, no matter what, and perpetuating that, if possible, at all costs.

Inspirational Third World New Yorkers

At a news conference earlier this week, Adams supported a plan of the NY City Council to grant voting rights to almost 1 million non-citizens who reside in the city.

In an apparent fit of wokeism, Adams also reiterated his support for keeping New York a “sanctuary city” for illegal aliens.

His argument was that “undocumented New Yorkers” – and it is bizarre that he considers those illegals “New Yorkers” in the first place – must not live “in the shadows of the American dream,” as cited by Breitbart.

That’s an “inspired” position, no questions asked.

The plan in question has the backing of 34 Democrats who serve on the 51-member city council.

It would allow holders of green cards, visas, and work authorizations, who’ve lived in the city for more than 30 days, the right to vote in city elections.

The foreign-born residents of NYC total 3.1 million, and make up about 40% of its population.

They come largely from countries such as Mexico, China, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Ecuador, Guyana, Haiti, India, and Bangladesh – so expect a lot of these Third World nation’s just marvelous political culture and democratic tradition to be reflected in the well-being of NYC from now on.