The administration of Empty Shelves Joe the unwitting Democrat President has succeeded in creating a previously unimaginable supply chain crisis that’s driving inflation further up against the backdrop of energy shortages.

What didn’t happen in all of 2020, with all the shock and awe of the spread of COVID-19, despite all shortage fears (of course, it should be noted that back then America had the leadership of President Donald Trump), occurred in the summer-fall of 2021 thanks entirely to the moronic policies of the far-left incompetents surrounding a White House occupant barely aware of his surroundings.

However, what’s even more striking and unbelievable is that not only doesn’t the Biden administration have much of a clue on what to do to rectify at least partly the crisis it single-handedly got us into, but it also doesn’t even give a damn about attempting to do that.

Reducing monstrous crisis to ‘delayed treadmill delivery’

Biden’s far-left regime just doesn’t care whether your store’s shelves will be empty, or you’d be able to purchase what you need, or skyrocketing inflation would crush your family finances.

As though it wasn’t enough that Biden’s abysmal chief of staff Ron Klain tweeted that inflation is a “high-class problem”, but now his utterly clueless press secretary Jen Psaki even cracked a dumb joke about the supply chain crisis to show us how much they despise us, the American people, and our woes, the ones that they themselves straddled us with.

With all her impudence and cheek, Psaki mocked the monstrous supply chain crisis as “tragedy of the delayed treadmill”.

It’s this kind of dumb-funny to them, the Biden regime aides, while American families are struggling to pay their bills in a Third World-type situation, and struggling to find basic consumer goods in a Soviet Union-type situation.

The Psakis staffing the Biden administration just think it’s funny.

Psaki’s moronic joke came during her news briefing on Tuesday in response to a “friendly” liberal leftist “fire” question about delays in the delivery of “furniture, dishwashers, and treadmills” by a reporter of The New York Times, and why Biden hasn’t acted more quickly to resolve supply chain problems.

Or it may have been a “favorable” setup: the NYT reporter asks about non-basic necessity products, setting up Psaki for a “joke” of sorts in order to allow her to disparage the supply chain crisis.

After all, you wouldn’t die without a treadmill, right, at least not after many years of lacking exercise, as per the perverted logic of the Biden administration.

Not to worry, Buttigieg’s paternity leave has to end someday

Luckily, a huge part of the American public hasn’t lost touch with common sense, basic decency, and true reality, and, instead of disparaging the crisis, Psaki’s dumb joke has led to a storm of outrage over how the Empty Shelves Joe Biden administration views the supply chain crisis as a “tragedy of a delayed treadmill.”

Comments from across the nation have poured out on social media announcing shortages of even the most basic necessities such as food and medical supplies, not to mention the vast shortage of various consumer products.

After trying to joke, Psaki did once again try to blame the supply chain crisis somehow on COVID-19 in its own right, not that anybody’s buying it.

There were reports on Tuesday that Empty Shelves Joe is considering deploying the National Guard to help alleviate the crisis.

Desperate as that measure might seem, it might actually be of help, it might still be better to do anything to alleviate the bottlenecks, with 150 container ships stuck waiting for unloading off the coast of the Port of Los Angeles, to mention just one stunning fact.

Or not.

The Biden administration would like us all to wait for the paternity leave of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to expire to maybe try some solutions.

After all, alleviating Buttigieg’s husband’s dealing with their newborn twins is more important than alleviating the supplies crisis of the good people of the United States of America.