It’s already nearing the end of October 2021, and, regardless of everything else, the wokeist Marxist of the “progressives” who’ve taken over the Democratic Party and the federal government is powering through on its track to sneak in as many illegal Third World immigrants as possible and resettle them inside the United States.

It’s all part of a likely grand plan from the radical leftist Marxists to use the illegals as loyal “subjects” and obedient future voters thus allowing for replacing the American republic with a far-left totalitarian dictatorship.

How about some social justice after all?

Throughout all of that, though, the leaders and lead proponents of American Marxism will remain insulated in their daily and private lives with all the “dirty” day-to-day dealings that come with their new Third World subjects – away from all the disease, all the poor sanitation habits, all the petty crime, all the organized crime, and the overall unsightly picture.

The rich liberal leftists – white and non-white alike – who push for “progressivism” wouldn’t live in a neighborhood infested with newly arrived illegal immigrants – that’s reserved for the regular American populace that this pro-Marxist and wokeist elite despises.

That’s obviously a grave injustice as those who preach ought to do as they preach, and not otherwise.

To rectify that “social injustice” – because that’s what “social justice warriors” are all against, right? – Republican Senator from Texas Ted Cruz has introduced to the US Congress a shrewd, just, and extremely fair bill on illegal immigration that the radical left loves so much.

The bill provides for the “processing” of all millions of illegal immigrants that the Biden regime is letting through the Southern border only at a total of 13 extremely wealthy and luxury communities throughout the country overwhelmingly inhabited by super-rich liberal leftist Democrats.

In his introduction of the aptly named “Stop the Surge Act”, Cruz emphasized how the Biden administration has completely abdicated from the functions of the federal government to protect the communities alongside the US-Mexican border.

South Texas communities such as Del Rio and McAllen have thus been abandoned to take the full blow of the illegal immigration surge – of well over 1 million illegals in 2021 so far, while bordering on dangerous Mexican drug cartels.

Illegals in snooty rich Democrat towns?

Because of that, Cruz insists that all illegal immigrants crossing the border must be processed through a total of 13 ports of entry in communities such as Martha’s Vineyard, the Massachusetts luxury island in the Atlantic – used by “Democrat elites to host cocktail parties” – a likely reference to former President Barack Obama’s recent birthday bash, or North Hero, Vermont, the summer retreat of abject communist Bernie Sanders.

The full list of the 13 snooty rich liberal leftist ports of entry for all illegal immigration processing goes, as follows:

Nantucket, Massachusetts Scarsdale, New York Block Island, Rhode Island Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts Greenwich, Connecticut St. Helena, California Governors Island, New York City Cambridge, Massachusetts Palo Alto, California Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Newport, Rhode Island Yountville, California North Hero, Vermont

Cruz’s draft “Stop the Surge Act” provides for immediately shipping off any illegal immigrants apprehended at the southern border to the above ports of entry.

Of course, the liberal leftist and wokeist Marxist elite would never have any of that.

It’s all the caviar and the power for them, as they invariably outsource the illegal immigration problems to the regular American people.