On Wednesday, Senate voted 51:49 in favor of the Freedom to Vote Act, proposed by the Democrats with a plan to make Election day a national holiday.

Another proposition of this major voting bill was related to allowing same-day voter registration for Presidential elections.

Still, because of the GOP opposing the Freedom to Vote Act and the national control of state elections, it didn’t reach the 60 votes that were required for this bill to pass.

The Republican filibuster isn’t a surprise given that it has been a hot topic ever since ex-President Donald Trump came out with fraud-related statements.

Kamala Harris says “we won’t give up”

Even though the Democrats failed to mend voting laws for the third time in 2021, each time blocked by the Republican senators, the Vice President, Kamala Harris suggests that they don’t intend to give up in this battle.

She said that falling short on Wednesday is sad but that it won’t stop them from continuing their work and convincing Republicans that by passing the Freedom to Vote Act, the Senate will protect and preserve democracy.

It is something that President Joe Biden warned the senators about, the day before voting, suggesting that the soul of America depends on the Wednesday outcome.

Amended Freedom to Vote Act

After failing to pass the bill the first two times, Democrats tried to make the bill more appealing to the Republicans by limiting instead of banning voter ID security, as well as amending federal rules for monitoring state elections.

The major opposition leader and a GOP Senator, Mitch McConnel, stated that the Freedom to Vote Act is as rotten as the previous two times that the Democrats tried to overhaul voting laws.

According to him, it doesn’t do anything about the government money sent to political campaigns and still puts Washington in front of all other states.

Not only that but the main issue he states is that the Freedom to Vote Act disintegrates voter’s ID protection and forwards it to the hands of bureaucrats.

On the other hand, Chuck Schumer, the majority leader, said that they are facing a historical battle and that filibustering such as a major voting ball could be interpreted as an attack on democracy.