Democrat President Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe Biden has not been officially diagnosed with dementia – of course not, because that would deal a devastating blow to the Democratic Party and the far-leftists who’ve almost completely taken it over from within.

However, Biden’s literally countless “senior moments” since he entered the White House in January, his overly obvious senility, has caused great doubts as to whether he isn’t exhibiting dementia symptoms.

Retired and Dead

Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe provided more potential evidence to that end as he told for the fifth time this year a personal experience story about Amtrak, which has already been disproved as false.

On top of that, it came after the day before he once again told a story involving the claim that he was active in the civil rights movement – whereas in reality he himself admitted in a speech in 1988 that he might have sympathized with it but was never actually an activist.

The false story that Biden keeps repeating – as though he keeps forgetting that it has been disproven as fake – involves a chance meeting with a conductor from Amtrak who was dead by the time Sleepy Joe claims the meeting took place.

In a public speech in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Empty Shelves Joe’s native hometown, as he was advertising once again his giant Commie spending plans with taxpayer dollars, he told the audience about the fake encounter with Amtrak conductor Angelo Negri.

Biden alleged that their conversation occurred when he was in the 7th year of his vice presidency, which is 2015.

Negri, however, not only had retired from Amtrak but had died in 2014, well before Biden’s brain’s delusional timeline.

According to The Daily Mail, Sleepy Joe has told the Angelo Negri story four times before, the first case being in October 2020, while he was still campaigning for president.

The second time was in April 2021 as he participated in the commemoration of Amtrak’s 50th anniversary in Philadelphia.

The third time came in June 2021 as Empty Shelves Joe was in Wisconsin touting the 1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure plan.

It was around that time that not somebody else but far-leftist propaganda machine CNN actually called Biden out on the deceptive Amtrak story.

Nevertheless, Biden is known to have told it publicly a fourth time, in September 2021, to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

And now he’s done it again, for the fifth time, which is the second time after it was exposed as false, maybe in an apparent bout of dementia.

This time, Joe the Democrat President narrated that during his vice presidency, officials kept track of his Air Force 2 air travel mileage.

He declared that “seven years” into his term, he was told he had passed the 1 million mile milestone with respect to Air Force Two flying.

It was after this that Sleepy Joe happened to converse with Amtrak conductor Angelo Negri, an old friend – which he actually did not because Negri had gone to a better place than an America where Biden was veep and was about to become occupant of the White House.

Unless of course, he was speaking with Sleepy Joe from the beyond.

In any case, in the false conversation, Negri “told’ Joe that his record of traveling more than 2 million miles by Amtrak – from Delaware to Washington, DC, was much more impressive than the 1 million miles on Air Force 2.

Of course, poor Negri likely doesn’t suspect anything of that “encounter”, since by 2008 when Biden became Barack Obama’s veep he had retired, 15 years prior, and by 2015, he had died, 1 year prior.

Back in June, Olga Betz, Negri’s stepdaughter, confirmed that the Amtrak conductor and Sleepy Joe were friends but she couldn’t verify anything about Biden’s story.

Veep for 36 years

In the story, Biden also mentioned his ailing mother, Catherine “Jean” Biden – except she had passed away at the age of 92 in 2010, over 5 years prior to her son’s surpassing of the 1 million mile mark in Air Force 2 travel.

In his speech on Wednesday, Biden also confused his time as Vice President with his time as US Senator, making it sound as though he was Vice President “for 36 years”, his terms in the US Senate.

Clearly, a lot of stuff is going wrong in and/or with Democrat President Empty Shelves Joe Biden – and his capabilities to occupy the White House have been questioned even long before this next telling of a totally false story.