The anti-democracy excesses of the far-left regime that’s gripped America and is formally known as the “Biden administration” are spirally completely out of control by using the COVID-19 as an excuse for imposing vicious communist totalitarianism on our nation.

Up until now, the administration of Sleepy Empty Shelves Biden “The Democrat President” has been trying to undermine democracy, freedom, and the American Constitution covertly, testing out the reactions of the civil society and attempting to pass horrifying policies and measures under various pretexts.

Freedom? Come on!

Now, however, through the senile mouth of Sleepy Joe, it is apparently launching a rhetorical assault on Americans’ freedom - which is the invariable foundation of the United States.

You’d be surprised how many people need reminding of this most basic of facts, not to mention that the youngest generations are just oblivious to it, being constantly targeted by evil Marxist propaganda.

Speaking at a CNN town event in Baltimore on Thursday night President “Joe the Empty Shelves” openly mocked American freedom.

He did it to provide an absolutely repugnant excuse for his regime’s Communist vaccine mandates – but, once again, that is just the pretext.

Because if we allow them to mock, assault, and take away our freedom now, for whatever reason, there will be no getting it back, and there will be no stopping of their grand Marxist totalitarianism project.

On Thursday night, Sleepy Joe didn’t have a senior moment long enough to utter a few damning sentences – saying he was concerned by “those” – apparently meaning Americans defending their freedom – “who try to make [vaccine mandates] a political issue” – namely, “freedom.”

Then he mocked both freedom and its defenders by blurting out a sentence pretending to be them, which went that “I have the freedom” to kill you “with my Covid”.

And in order to be more “persuasive”, he added on his moronic sounding, “Come on”-s.

Of course, Biden and his Marxist gang wouldn’t want you to “make it political” – which it truly and really is.

They want to keep you shut up, and just do as they please.

They want to be a bunch of Xis, Putins, and Kims in terms of unbridled power and no rights whatsoever for the population that they rule over.

Let’s cause a total societal collapse, now, shall we?

Apart from ridiculing freedom – and we can’t say that Empty Shelves Joe understood what he did, him most probably not being of sound mind, he also declared himself categorically in favor of firing emergency workers and police officers refusing COVID-19 vaccines.

How else is Joe Biden going to send America even faster down the hill of an all-out societal crisis?!

Countless communities across the nation already struggling to keep basic law and order as wokeist far-left Nazi gangs of Antifa thugs and other criminals are going berserk.

Granted those are overwhelmingly Democrat-run communities and cities enjoying the niceties of modern-day Democrat Marxism and “progressivism” – but still, there are many and many good American citizens there and they cannot be abandoned to the yoke of Marxist horrors.

Joe the graciously waiting one

In his CNN town hall, Empty Shelves Biden also graciously declared that he “waited until July” to start pushing on the American people his anti-democratic, anti-constitutional vaccine mandates because he “tried everything else possible” in the fight against the pandemic.

There is another logical and factual fallacy he’s using in order to crush the freedom and rights of the American people.

And to top it all off, Sleepy Joe insisted that “mandates are working.”

Sure, forcing everyone to get vaccinated may – or may not – have an effect on the pandemic.

But it has a devastating effect on the state of American democracy and the mind of the US society.

Then, again, that might be precisely what the Marxists want, and that’s why their president Joe says they are working.

What a boon the pandemic has been to the Marxist Democrat Commies – just think about it.

Without China sending the virus our way, they would’ve never in a million years beaten President Trump in the 2020 election, regardless of how many voter frauds they may have tried.

And now they are capitalizing had on all that to try and crush Americans into total submission.