Last night, President Sleepy Joe Biden spoke at a CNN town hall, suggesting that only two million Americans were vaccinated before he was inaugurated in January 2021.

To make matters even worse, Brandon stated that Trump’s administration immensely failed in acquiring an adequate number of vaccines to boost the vaccination rate.

On the other hand, he said that he has done everything in his power to buy and promote vaccination.

However, Associated Press came out with an official report, denouncing Biden’s claims and suggesting that more than 16 million Americans were vaccinated at the time of his inauguration, adding one more lie to his count.

Furthermore, AP states that the number of Trump-acquired Pfizer and Modena vaccines is set at 300 million.

Biden failed in his plan to vaccinate 70% Americans

According to the Associated Press, while the ex-President Donald Trump may have failed in his goal to vaccinate 36 million Americans by the time of Biden’s inauguration, the ruling President didn’t do much better as he failed to vaccinate 70% of eligible US citizens/permanent residents by July 4th.

The main reason for it was the outbreak of the Delta variant, and numerous reports on vaccinated Americans getting infected by the latest COVID19 variant.

The speech that Empty Shelves Joe Biden held at the CNN town hall in Baltimore had one goal and it was to defend the idea of mandatory vaccines.

As “President” suggested, riots and protests organized by federal workers are unnecessary.

Joe Biden continued stating that those who are making it a question of freedom are trying to gain political points.

Brandon even used Colin Powell’s death to score some political points to his agenda.

Completely inappropriate, considering Powell died only four days ago, Biden declared that the first black US secretary of state had a series of other ailments, suggesting that he would have died much earlier if he wasn’t vaccinated.

The Associated Press raised concern about Joe Biden’s false claims at the CNN Town Hall.

While the President suggested that without his administration a successful vaccination campaign wouldn’t be possible, continuing by saying that only 2 million vaccines were administered while Trump was president, AP states otherwise.

As it is widely known, the vaccines awaited emergency authorization in November, which means that Trump had just around a month and a half to lead his vaccination campaign.

Consequently, the number of 16 million vaccinated Americans and 300 million bought vaccines shouldn’t be considered a failure.