The progressivist Commies who have almost entirely taken over the Democratic Party seem to have been beaten back by the little remaining common sense of the few remaining moderates in the party of White House occupant Empty Shelves Joe Biden.

So much so that Biden has admitted that his excessive Soviet Union-style state spending package “Build Back Better” will be significantly reduced from the original price tags of a whopping $3.5 trillion, and that he is even backing away from a corporate tax hike that was to be used in order to fund the deranged government spending spree.

No corporate tax hike

The adoption of the $3.5 trillion bill has stalled primarily thanks to two moderate Democrat Senators, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona – although there have long been rumors and even reports that numerous other Democrat lawmakers are opposed to the gigantic price tag of package.

Those, however, have preferred not to speak out, hiding because of the courage actually exhibited by Manchin and Sinema.

Empty Shelves Joe announced the painful scaling back of “Build Back Better” on Thursday night at a CNN town hall meeting in Baltimore, though he didn’t specify numbers – and painful it is considering how much the progressivist Marxists were and still are looking forward to the massive pork-barrel spending opportunities.

While he made many concessions to the moderates, however, Sleepy Joe insisted on drawing the line at refusing to introduce a work requirement for those Americans who receive a child tax credit.

Biden actually revealed that he is giving up on spiking the corporate tax – from 21% to 29% - when CNN host Anderson Cooper asked him about that.

Empty Shelves Joe responded that’s off simply because we will [not] “be able to get the votes.”

Empty Shelves Joe then engaged in a small tirade on how he was ready to “do the things” that can be done just in order to start “changing the lives of ordinary Americans”.

Of course, he shyly kept quiet about just having changed the lives of ordinary Americans much, much for the worst with gigantic supply chain and inflation – the nasty development caused by the policies, actions, and inaction of the Biden administration which earned Sleepy Joe his new nickname: Empty Shelves Joe.

Can’t get 12 weeks, sorry

During the CNN town hall meeting, Sleepy Joe also revealed that he had cut out his vision for 12 weeks of paid parental leave.

“I can’t get 12 weeks* It’s down to four weeks,” Biden declared.

His Thursday’s town hall was the third time he has participated in a CNN town hall since he entered the White House in which members of the public were allowed to ask questions.

Against that backdrop of three town halls with CNN in the 8 months of his presidency so far, Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe Have has given only 10 one-on-one interviews to the media.

Simply because the CNN town halls are great tools for propaganda, with carefully vetted audiences and questions selected in advance – whereas in a one-on-one with a journalist, even if that journalist happens to be from the leftist mainstream media, the chance for a stinky fallout from Biden’s mouth is much greater.