During a recent press conference in Baltimore, MD, US president Sleepy Joe Biden reluctantly stated that he should check out the border, a little to late in my opinion.

Biden was pressed on the matter due to new data showing record-breaking numbers of migrants taken into custody this year.

The president has been putting his border visit off for a long time, claiming that between traveling the world and visiting the hurricane-damaged areas, he just couldn’t find enough time to attend other matters, since, in his view, the crisis at the border does not carry the same “weight” as covering up the scandals of his son, a great artist and a world-renowned junkie - Hunter Biden.

Trying to salvage something out of the case, Brandon Biden attempted to assure the press that he’s got the situation under control and that a lot of progress has been made, claiming that the number of children detained at the border dropped to slightly over 500, as opposed to last year’s staggering 5000.

However, recent statistics show that over 1.7 million migrants were detained along the border ever since the president’s inauguration in January.

These numbers set a record high that hasn’t been matched since 1986 during Reagan’s mandate.

Trump-era policy proves its effectiveness

Following the rise of Covid-19 cases in Latin America, the commander-in-chief was forced to keep the Title 42 edict, allowing for expulsion of all immigrants, should they pose a threat to the public health of the US.

Nervously, he admitted that the numbers of detainees are still very, very high, but that there are plans to provide billions of doses of the vaccine for Latin America and the rest of the world.

Furthermore, Biden doubled down on the idea that children are exempt from this rule, claiming that they do not send back children and large families.

On another note, after trying to end another Trump-era policy focused on keeping asylum seekers in Mexico as they await their court hearings, Biden was forced to pull back as Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk of Texas US District Court ruled that the policy be kept.

Former President Trump created the policy due to many asylum seekers’ documentation being falsified and that a large number of them would stay in the US illegally after entering.

Who takes the blame?

In light of illegal immigrant numbers skyrocketing, many tried to shift the focus to Trump’s policies but fell on stony ground as when interviewed, the illegals stated that they made the journey hoping the new administration would allow for them to cross the border.

North Carolina Congressman Dan Bishop stated that they weren’t wrong in their assumptions.

While trying to downplay the situation at hand, democrat President Joe Biden argued that the rise in immigration numbers in spring 2021 is consistent with seasonal norms.

This would, however, prove to be false as July and August proved to have the highest number of illegal crossings despite being the hottest months of the year.

The Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas asked whether the border patrol could handle a wave of nearly 400,000 immigrants that could be crossing the border this month.

The senior officials refused to give statements on the matter.

As of September 26th, there are currently 17,000 Haitian immigrants seeking asylum in the US and are awaiting their court hearings.

As the chaos unfolds, Biden is focused on other matters, one of which is convincing senators to vote for his $2 trillion infrastructure plan.