In a stunning and extremely hypocritical turn of events, Democrat President Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe Biden – who abandoned Trump’s wall on the border with Mexico the moment he set his senile foot in the White House – is having the Department of Homeland Security build a giant fence to fence him off.

What’s even more shocking, however, is the fact that the fence is being built around Joe and Jill Biden’s beach house in Delaware, it is costing the American taxpayers nearly $500,000, and the Democrat president has been there on twice since January!

The fence construction upgrading Biden’s own house means once again exhibiting the typical behavior of Marxists, Communists, Socialists, and the likes when they come to power.

Their instinct is to fence themselves off from the “masses” whom they allegedly love and by whom they are allegedly loved back.

Their instinct is also to take advantage of taxpayer state money as much as possible.

Their instinct is also to completely disregard the needs of the people, again, those masses whom they actually deeply despise – hence the decision to have a fence to increase Biden’s personal security while stopping the US-Mexican border wall, and abandoning not just America’s border communities but the entire nation with no security and to the mercy of illegal immigrant criminals.

What a nice upgrade!

But, going into specifics, the Department of Homeland Security is paying $456,548 of its own money (i.e. US taxpayer money) to construct the security fence on the Bidens’ beach house in Rehoboth, Delaware.

It will make a wonderful upgrade to the six-bedroom 4,786-square-foot property, bought by Joe and Jill Biden back in 2017 for the hefty price of $2.74 million.

In comparison, the Bidens’ family home, which is in Wilmington, Delaware, is a 6,850 square feet family house.

Joe Biden bought the four-acre plot in 1996 for $350,000, and had the house constructed.

While the DHS is fencing off the Bidens’ beach house in Rehoboth, they actually spent there only two of their weekends since Sleepy Joe somehow ended up in the White House in January.

Oh, the hypocrisy!

An analysis by NPR published in August found that Sleepy and Empty Shelves Joe “the Democrat President Biden” spent 14 of his 29 first presidential weekends at home in Wilmington, eight weekends at the retreat in the Camp David residence, six weekends in the White House, and only one in Rehoboth, Delaware.

Then the Bidens’ went there once more in September.

On Friday, the Bidens once again headed out of the White House for the weekend, and once again to their home in Wilmington.

The outrageous construction of the Rehoboth beach house began on September 21, a month ago, and is being done by Turnstone Holdings, a local company.

Clearly, the Empty Shelves Joe is aware that “walls do work”.

Like any good Commie, however, he is applying what works highly selectively, just to benefit himself, not to benefit the American public.

That’s why he gets his own border wall, and the American public doesn’t.