The radical left, the Marxism that has taken over the Democratic Party from within is great at blaming any opposition to its lunacies for causing trouble.

It’s a classic Marxist-Communist technique from the time of Russian mass murderer revolutionary Vladimir Lenin in which you first unleash far-left harassment and terror and then blame the violence and turmoil on the decent, courageous people who dare to stand up and resist.

Communists always blame those who oppose them

This is precisely what former Democrat President Barack Obama has just done as he went to Virginia to give a speech in a support of the local pathetic Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe who is facing Republican Glenn Youngkin in the upcoming governor election in the state.

As the two candidates were shown to be tied 46:46 in a recent poll, after weeks in which McAuliffe was in the lead, Obama, together with the Democrat candidate, urged the Democrat voters to vote early – the favorite practice of the Democratic Party simply because it creates so many opportunities for election fraud, cheating, and manipulation.

It is true that Obama’s presidency wasn’t that hardcore Marxist, wokeist, and transgenderist as the first nine months in which his veep, and now successor Sleepy Joe Biden has been in the White House.

But that was probably because back then all that ugly cohort of fans of Marxism and its substrains had come to power for the very first time.

Emboldened by Biden’s occupation and rabid after President Donald Trump successfully kept them in check, the wokeist, transgenderist, and Marxists hordes have been going totally berserk against America in the past few months.

None of that seems to concern Obama, because he is one of them, and he is super-rich and super privileged.

So he can keep parrot pretentious, grandiose phrases at speeches here and there in between the hosting of lavish cocktail parties on Martha’s Vineyard.

Obama’s nasty impudence

On Saturday, supporting McAuliffe in Virginia, Obama told the Virginia voters not to “waste time” “on those phony, trumped-up culture wars,” and on that “fake outrage” being peddled by “right-wing media” to boost their ratings.

Can you imagine Obama’s nasty impudence?

Is the right-wing media imposing wokeism, critical race theory, anti-white racism, and committing riots around the country?

Is the right-wing media dispatching Antifa Nazis physically destroying people over their beliefs?

Is the right-wing media forcing innocent young American kids to believe it’s ok to rape your nature by changing your gender to the joy of a bunch of sick perverts?

Is the right-wing media promoting the all-out destruction of American families, values, traditions, democracy, freedom, and the death of Western Civilization?!!

See what Obama did there – he is blaming the right for all the monstrosity caused by the far left.

Who is to blame?

It just dared to resist, and stand up for truth, decency, and dignity – that is the right’s sin.

Because the Commie murderers want to be unopposed.

They stand no criticism, no independence of thought or otherwise.

They are all potential totalitarian murderers whether of the active or of the dormant type.

Obama went so far as to suggest that Youngkin was a “shame” because he is raising the issues caused by the Marxists, instead of “talking about serious problems”.

Well, Mr. former President Obama – it doesn’t get any serious than the horsesh*t that your kind are imposing on the American nation.

Needless to say, Obama’s idiotic claims unleashed a wave of outrage among countless patriotic Americans.

Probably the best reaction came from radio host Larry O’Connor who set the record straight: “THEY are waging the culture wars”, “WE are just fighting back.”