For all practical as well as theoretical purposes, the US – Mexican border simply does not exist as far as the administration of Democrat President Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe Biden is concerned.

It’s just gone – the Biden administration is proving it so categorically with its actions and inaction every single day, as much as possible, and all the more so, the more time is passing since Abysmal Joe occupied the White House.

Instead, the Biden administration is treating the southern border as a kind of frontier – but not for the United States – but for the millions of Third World illegals who can just go there to start their journey of populating America with their kind to the supposed endless benefit of the Marxism-dominated Democratic Party.

1.735 million illegals. Thank you, Joe & Kamala

There are various indicators demonstrating blatantly that the US-Mexican border no longer exists for the Biden administration.

For one thing, the number of illegal immigrants crossing it has been averaging 200,000 per month since May, with the latest data showing that in the 2021 Fiscal Year ending on September 30, Customs and Border Control have caught a whopping 1.735 million illegal immigrants.

That is the highest number since 1986 when President Ronald Reagan instituted an immigration reform, including tightening control of the border.

The Marxist- and wokeist-dominated Democratic Party welcomes illegal immigration by Third World people, convinced that those are its future voters, and that they will be loyal to death to it.

The second glaring demonstration the Biden administration completely disregards the existence of the US-Mexican border – and that’s not even getting into all the powers that DHS head Alejandro Mayorkas has taken away from Border Patrol agents – has to do with the border’s total absence from the work schedules of both Sleepy Joe the President and his veep Kamala Harris.

Many months ago, to shift responsibility from himself, Empty Shelves Joe declared Kamala his administration’s point person for the border and illegal immigration.

Since then Kamala’s achievements in that regard have been going to one Central American republic and to Mexico, and achieving nothing, and once coming within a few miles of the border, in June, in a visit advertised a going to the border but without actually doing so.

Why would Kamala even go to the border?!

On Friday, Biden’s equally pathetic veep announced in New York City that she will be flying off to Paris, France, in November – and that she has no travel plans whatsoever to visit the illegal immigration hotspot that is the southern border.

And why would she go to the border – she doesn’t even consider it to be in existence!

During Friday’s visit in the Bronx Kamala just bluntly told a reporter that, no, she doesn’t have “any” plans for the border at all.

In Paris, on the other hand, Kamala will be hanging out with French President Emmanuel Macron, will give a wokeist speech at the Paris Peace Forum, and will be present at a peace conference for Libya, the White House announced.

How can we be anything but certain that over there, Kamala will accomplish great many “accomplishments” in the name of… her own selfish anti-American self.

In the meantime, the US – Mexican border is in a “free for all” state, and many more millions of illegals are heading our way.