The far-left Marxist administration of Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden is making tremendous progress on what is probably its top priority: populating the United States further with Third World illegal immigrants that will terrorize Republican-leaning American patriots while becoming loyal and obedient Democrat voters.

‘Biden for all’ illegals

In the 2021 fiscal year, more than 1.7 illegal immigrants have been intercepted after crossing the US – Mexican border, an average of 200,000 per month since May – and that’s not to mention those who managed to get through without being detected.

And there are many, many more coming.

Just one fresh new horde of Third World illegals has just formed a caravan of about 3,000 at Tapachula, Southern Mexico, near the border with Guatemala, and has started to make its way north towards the United States.

On Saturday, Mexican officers tried unsuccessfully to stop and break up the caravan, whose travelers didn’t shy away from sharing their intention for reaching the US, The Daily Mail reported.

The caravan is made up of migrants from various countries of Central and South America but also from Haiti, the French-speaking Caribbean nation, with some 30,000 Haitians previously living in Chile and Brazil having already made it across the US border in recent weeks.

To make the sight even more grotesque, the new horde of illegals is carrying American flags as well as banners in support of Democrat President Empty Shelves Joe Biden.

Some of the banners have slogans such as “Biden for All” – because the good people of the Third World know who’s letting them into the United States of America, now, don’t they.

Illegal immigration with QR-code registration

But there is even more striking stuff here: according to a report by Fox News, the caravan is a highly organized endeavor, with assemblers having migrants register for it online using a QR code!

A previous caravan of about 800 migrants from Haiti, Cuba, Venezuela, and the Central American countries in early September was stopped and broken up near Tapachula by Mexican border agents.

However, the new horde is several times larger and it couldn’t be stopped from trekking northwards towards Mexico City, with many bringing with them young children in backpacks and pushing against the 400-strong law enforcement detachment that tried to stop them.

Irineo Mujica, one of the organizers of the caravan, was quoted as saying that the group is going to Mexico City to protest against the lack of government help in the south of Mexico, and to demand legal documents allowing them to cross freely the US border.

Papers or no papers, the illegal Third World immigrants will make it to the US anyway, as the Biden administration, in just a few months has managed to take the most secure border that America has had in decades thanks to President Donald Trump, and just erase it from the map for anybody to cross and settle in America as they please.