The administration of Empty Shelves Joe Biden, “the Democrat President”, and its proponents love to spread false claims, i.e. lies, about how much better it has been “handling” the COVID-19 pandemic than the administration of President Donald Trump.

Evidently, the Biden administration has been coping with the pandemic in such a great way that it kept importing blood-stained, used, and counterfeit nitrile gloves from Thailand for months even after it was warned about that by a US company.

Blood-stained Thai gloves

An investigation by CNN, the otherwise overly pro-Biden leftist propaganda machine, has exposed the imports of the tens of millions of useless nitrile gloves from Thailand in a giant fraud worth a lot of money, and threatening tremendously the public health in the United States – as nitrile gloves are used precisely by doctors and nurses while examining patients.

The fraud was carried out against the backdrop of the spike in medical equipment demand over the COVID-19 pandemic, and the fact that the US authorities had lifted critical regulations at the peak of the pandemic just in order to provide for the faster imports of such PPE supplies.

According to CNN, the US federal authorities under the Biden administration “are only beginning to understand the scope of the crisis.”

The report makes it clear that as early as February and March, one American company warned the Biden administration in the face of the FDA and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that a nitrile glove shipment it had received from Thailand contained visibly spoiled gloves.

Regardless of the warnings, the defective and/or second gloves’ shipments kept arriving in the US as recently as July.

The scandalous imports weren’t stopped even as earlier this year, Thailand’s police agencies raided several warehouses of firms selling abroad reused nitrile gloves after having them dyed and then dried in laundry dryers.

Nitrile gloves for medical use are manufactured primarily in countries in Southeast Asia from natural rubber, with the factories in question using very specialized manufacturing processes, which makes it difficult for them to hike supply on short notice.

The report reveals how Miami-based businessman Tarek Kirschen ordered $2 million worth of gloves in February from Thai company Paddy the Room.

After he sold them, he started getting outraged calls from the American distributor because many of the gloves were blood-stained, reused, recycled.

It was him who notified the FDA in February but the Biden administration didn’t stop the imports until almost six months later.

American distributors are estimated to have bought a total of some 200 million gloves from Paddy the Room over the course of the pandemic so far.

A US-based company called Uweport said it couldn’t resell the gloves to US medical companies because of their quality.

Another company, US Liberty LLC, bought gloves from Vietnam but they also had stains, rips, and holes, and came in different colors and shades.

Douglas Stein, an industry expert, told CNN that the entire situation with the dirty gloves is “ridiculously nefarious at every link in the chain.”

While the investigation of the Thai authorities into the gloves fraud is ongoing, back in July, the DHS seized a whopping 70,000 boxes of fake medical gloves at a warehouse in Los Angeles.

At the same time, the CBP has seized 40 million counterfeit face masks plus hundreds of thousands of other items for personal protective equipment.

DHS has performed over 2,000 seizures of likely counterfeit PPE during the pandemic.

The big question is why the institutions of the Biden administration such as the FDA and CBP didn’t react for months after they were alerted about the imports of fake and used nitrile gloves.