As the wokeist, Democrat-ruled cities and states in America are cracking down for no rational reason on their own law enforcement, the guys who keep law and order in the streets so others can go about their lives and sleep safe at night, there are those shrewd conservative politicians who are seeing a great opportunity in attracting those increasingly harassed police officers to help boost their own communities.

Why not attract those harassed by vaccine dictates?

While states such as Alaska, Arizona, and Indiana have put out messages seeking to attract the police officers victimized by wokeism in their own cities, one man who’s being especially efficient and categorical about this is Florida’s GOP Governor Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis told Fox News on Sunday that he is moving to get approved a $5,000 hiring bonus for police officers who move to work in Florida after losing their jobs because of vaccine mandates in other states.

The most egregious vaccine mandate excesses – or at least the ones that have received the greatest public attention anyway – have been in Chicago where wokeist anti-white racist Mayor Lori Lightfoot has vowed to sack all of those law enforcement officers who didn’t get vaccinated before her deadline of October 18.

According to estimates, more than 3,000 officers, out of a total of 13,000 in the Chicago PD, the second-largest police force in the country after that of New York City, might now be sacked.

And there are those communities elsewhere in the country that will benefit greatly from managing to attract as many of them as possible.

Of course, that is going to exacerbate even more the security disparity between Democrat-ruled and Republican-ruled cities and states – but the Democrat voters would have only themselves to blame if they have installed in power mindless wokeist “defund-the-police-so-we-can-do-as-we-please” gangs.

In his interview for Fox News, DeSantis made clear his hopes to soon sign a law authorizing the $5,000 hiring bonuses, which will not only attract good police officers to his state but will also contribute towards fighting the “unconstitutional” vaccine orders.

On Friday, he called a special session of the Florida legislature in order to pass bills that would protect residents of the state from losing their jobs due to vaccine mandates.

Do an important job and be compensated and respected

He emphasized that the state of Florida was not going to protect its own police officers and all other jobs threatened by the vaccine dictate but it is also going to use the situation to attract law enforcement talent from out of state in order to meet its needs in that area.

DeSantis directly addressed the officers from the police departments in New York City, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, and told them that if they aren’t “being treated well”, Florida is going to “treat you better”.

They can move to the sunny state, do a really important job there, and be compensated for that.

What do you call that, other than shrewd statesmanship and responsible governance?

The outlook for the wokeist, Democrat-run parts of America looks bleak indeed as their best and brightest in law enforcement might indeed choose to go to parts of the country where they are appreciated and respected.