In its nasty alliance with Marxism and its subdivisions such as transgenderism, Big Tech is increasingly playing the role of the ultimate censor, a thought police, forcing Americans to embrace “the reality” of transgenderism, even if it runs totally counter to fact, common sense, personal beliefs, and everything that is good and pure.

The several major so-called “social media” behave more and more as the Praetorian Guard of Marxism, transgendersim, and wokeism that has now risen to power in the face of the administration of Democrat President Empty Shelves Joe Biden – as it immediately censors anything that isn’t deemed to be according to the “official party line.”

Misgendering? What a crime!

In the latest bout of pro-transgenderism and “gender ideology” excesses, Twitter has suspended the official account of a Republican member of the US Congress, Rep. Jim Banks of Indiana, for stating the obvious fact that Dr. Rachel Levine, the “transgender” assistant health secretary, is a man.

The fact in question is a fact simply because Levine was born a biological man and lived as one for over half a century before succumbing to the transgenderism craze by one morning waking up and deciding that he was a woman.

Of course, the crazies of the transgenderist or another type are entitled to indulge in their craziness but this “gender” idiocy and transgenderism is now part of the official policy of the administration of Sleepy Joe run by his far-left aides while he is searching for his senile mind.

How can a man who all of a sudden – or all his life – knew he is a “woman” even though he is a man – the so-called “gender dysphoria” – be entrusted with making crucial government and/or medical decisions is a question beyond any decent person’s understanding.

Of course, the Marxists would have happily put in charge mass murderers such as Lenin, Stalin, and Mao – so perhaps a “trans” individual is a better option.

Twitter - running draconian transgenderist censorship

Rep. Jim Banks was reacting to last week’s lunacy in which the Biden administration’s health department declared Levine’s promotion to a four-star admiral of the US Public Health Service Commissioner Corps was the first instance of a “woman” rising to that post.

Banks took to Twitter to remark the regrettable fact that “the title” of the first woman a four-star officer has been “taken by a man” – which is a well-known fact by everybody, including Levine.

Then all of a sudden – bam! – Banks’ official member of Congress Twitter account gets suspended for “misgendering”!

Yes, this is the kind of absurdity that the United States of America is living in today – who would have thought a mere 15 or even 10 years ago that it would come to this, that we as a society and a nation would succumb to such a lowly level of civilizational existence.

Forget about facts if they are counter to Marxist ideology

We are just not allowed to tell the truth anymore if that truth contradicts the made-up Communist-Nazism nonsense of the ruling Marxism, transgenderism, and wokeism paradigm, which has been imposed on us by force in an increasingly totalitarian far-left regime.

Of course, in the case of Jim Banks, it certainly didn’t help that is a close ally of President Donald Trump – but that is beside the point.

In this case he broke the postulates of the Transgenderist International.

Banks issued a statement emphasizing that he was “stating a fact”, and while “Big Tech” doesn’t have to agree with him, at least “they shouldn´t be able to cancel” him.

He stressed that we as a nation “cannot allow Big Tech to prevent us from telling the truth.”

On his personal Twitter account, he defied Twitter and doubled down on his factual statement – meaning his personal account will likely be shut down as well.

What a horror today’s America has become – in which Marxists are in charge, and some techies from the Silicon Value have abrogated the First Amendment.

How and why did we ever let this happen?!