Many have vocalized their opinions regarding newfound footage of Fauci’s diabolical operations, taking their opinions to social media and demanding that the NIH director be locked up.

Among the videos uploaded, one disgusting video of animal abuse stood out.

The video depicted beagle puppies locked up in cages, force-fed an experimental drug, and then subjected to what could only be called „torture” as abuse is too weak of a word for it.

The poor puppies were left to be eaten alive by flesh-eating maggots, while some were stripped of their voices, having undergone a de-barking procedure that takes away a dog’s most iconic trait, its ability to bark.

It is important to note that both of these experiments were funded by the NIH in full, totaling around $2.1 million of taxpayer money, which makes one wonder if by next year we will be paying to have the same thing done to our children if „mad scientist” Fauci, is allowed to carry out his plans.

Many media personas followed the trend of #arrestfauci, also claiming that Fauci’s experiments are nothing short of horror movie material.

One such, Melissa Tate, a Republican commentator, was lost on the fact that the NIH director even decides to make media appearances as more footage of experiments he funded surfaces every day.

Former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright urged the public to see Fauci’s true colors and assured that Fauci is practically doing the same, except to perfectly healthy children, with his vaccine program.

Finally, animal rights organization PETA, stepped up to the plate, claiming that such forms of animal abuse and experimentation need to stop, especially if they’re funded by the government, and added that it is Joe Biden’s job to find the right man for the job as Fauci has proven incompetent.

With this, not much is left to one’s imagination.

Fauci has shown everyone what he is capable of and the cause for concern only grows with every day he remains in charge of the NIH.

The law decides to take on the NIH director

Following the media outrage, a group of lawmen led by US representative Nancy Mace, have taken their business to the evil doctor, demanding answers concerning the gruesome experiments, claiming them to be misusage of taxpayer dollars.

They stated that according to the currently unveiled documentation, $1.8 million was spent on murdering 44 beagle puppies during the October 2018 – February 2019 period alone, and possibly much more that we still do not know of.

Another experiment was funded in September 2020, involving purposely infecting the beagles with parasites, and killing them after the procedure had been finished.

Fauci was given until November 19th, 2021 to answer questions surrounding animal abuse, torture, and misuse of taxpayer money.

Justin Goodman, VP of Advocacy at taxpayer watchdog group White Coat, applauded Mace’s actions, stating that Fauci’s vile obsession with hurting beagle puppies is a national disgrace and that both Republicans and Democrats can unite in saying that taxpayer money shouldn’t go to funding de-barking and parasite insertion procedures on defenseless animals.

The US-funded the Wuhan lab?

The story only gets worse, as Fauci was caught lying to Congress when he stated that the NIH did not fund research at the Wuhan lab that is currently under blame for creating the COVID-19 pandemic.

The info was provided to Kentucky congressman James Comer by NIH deputy director Lawrence A. Tabak, who showed evidence of Fauci funding experiments on bats in China, to see if the proteins from animalistic coronaviruses could bind to human receptors.

Reading further into the document it is shown that nearly $3.5 million were approved for funding bat coronavirus studies since the year of 2014.

Could Fauci be behind the pandemic itself?

Was it purposeful or just a mistake he refuses to take the blame for?

Time will tell, but for now, all we can know for sure is that he is a liar.