While the inflation is skyrocketing and supply chains are collapsing with no signs of relief, the horrendously anti-American administration of Democrat President Empty Shelves Joe Biden and his pathetic veep Kamala Harris is imposing upon the nation its first “National Gender Strategy” – in an indisputable triumph of the vicious ideology of gender identities and transgenderism.

Forget about the economy: just let them destroy any remnant of American traditions and family values, and turn us all into trans genderless worm-like beings who will be busy all day taking social media pride in themselves and their made-up “gender identity” for no rational reason whatsoever.

It was veep Kamala who announced the “gender strategy” on her Twitter, oh, so proudly!

That is because the gender strategy will combat “gender inequality” in the US – whether it needs to be combatted or not.

Kamala also stated that “this is our vision for the future” and that it is a “bold”, a statement that makes any true American patriot shrivel in horror.

The “strategy” to destroy American family values and traditions altogether provides, among other things, for unbridled abortion, as much abortion as one might want; for more women in the military; and for closing the gender pay gap – never mind that there is no proof that any such gap is caused by sexism.

A letter from Biden and Harris, cited by Forbes, reminds that on the International Women’s Day, Biden set up a “White House Gender Policy Council” by executive order and mandated the drafting of the “strategy” to ensure “gender equity and equality.”

The plan moves to “protect rights recognized under Roe v. Wade” and improve access to abortion.

It also stipulates a “national paid family and medical leave” for parents and caregivers, including to “bond with a new child.”

The strategy also provides for tackling violations of human rights, and also promoting legal reforms in other countries in order to crack down on human trafficking and discrimination against women there.

One of the goals of Joe and Kamala’s needless gender strategy also vows to boost “gender integration” in the US military, while also addressing sexual harassment and assault in the armed services.

Under the arrangement that it seeks to impose, prosecution and investigation of sexual assault will be taken away from the chain of command of the US military, and a special unit will be created to handle such cases.

The grandiose gender ideology plan of the Biden administration has been ridiculed by critics such as Republican strategist Matt Whitlock who lambasted the coming up with a “gender” strategy against the backdrop of the devastating economic crisis.