Following the former secretary of state, Condoleezza rice’s statements concerning Critical Race Theory on The View last week, Toure Neblett, ex MSNBC host and acknowledged author voiced his opinion on the matter.

He stated that her very appearance on the show was disgusting and continued to criticize her point of view on the critical race theory, which she heavily disagreed with.

Namely, the theory suggests that racism is ingrained in the US constitution, legal systems, and policies, which is essentially telling people of color that the entire country is against them.

Toure’s claims appear to be a huge oxymoron as Rice was the highest-ranking African-American woman in office until Kamala harris was elected VP.

Rice served as secretary of state under the Bush administration between the years 2001 and 2009.

Toure should be dealing with other matters, as speaking up on people’s rights issues is ironic if one was previously accused of sexual harassment, an issue far more widespread than racism.

A successful, ex-secretary of state black woman’s views on the theory

The theory started a media fire in wake of last year’s BLM movement, with many claiming that the theory itself only promotes racism as opposed to trying to fix the issue at hand.

Proponents of the theory, however, added that caucasian children and adults should feel guilty about the actions of „their” ancestors.

Rice originally received the criticism for claiming that children of African American descent would feel disempowered by the idea that their race is the sole cause of all their problems, adding that she came from a then-segregated Birmingham in Alabama, and despite recognizing racism as an issue she chose to overcome it and get to where she is right now.

She continued, saying that race is such a „big thing” right now that productivity keeps dropping as everyone is forced into the roles of oppressor and the oppressed, regardless of how many years passed since someone’s ancestors had done something.

Finally, Rice stated that the theory is a step in the wrong direction, claiming that kids deserve better than being taught to see color at such an early age.

White guilt in the white house

As of now, 21 states are either in the process of or have already banned the teaching of critical race theory in all educational facilities.

On another note, US president Joe Biden appointed CRT activist Precious McKesson to the department of education, showing a bit of white guilt from his side as well.

The newly appointed assistant in the department is known for criticizing the opponents of CRT in her home state of Nebraska and claimed that banning the theory is just a republican attempt to segregate the 2 communities, which, ironically enough, is exactly what the theory itself aims to do.

Current Nebraska runner-up for governor, Jim Pillen, tried to pass a resolution that would ban teaching CRT at schools but was stopped by the courts.

The list of states that have banned or consider banning CRT goes as follows: Florida, Georgia, Montana, Tennessee, Idaho, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, Arkansas, Iowa, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Michigan, Wisconsin, Utah, and South Dakota.