A young new mayor of a suburb in Chicago has utterly shocked the locals by hiring a registered sex offender and child gang rapist as the new town code enforcement officer, a role involving entering homes.

As the nation is being totally terrorized already by the far left, it would be a little wonder to see them try to “normalize” sex offenders and pedophiles as the next foot soldiers in the “vanguard” of the advancing far-left totalitarianism.

Gang rape minors

Tiffany Henyard, mayor of the Village of Dolton, a suburb of 23,000 people right south of Chicago, is certainly doing that.

She hired 46-year-old ex-convict Lavelle Redmond for the municipal job without consulting the trustees of the Dolton village, who are now appalled by what she has done, The Daily Mail reported.

Lavelle Redmond served a total of 24 years in prison out of a 50-year sentence over the gang rape of two girls aged 13 and 14, back in 1991.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault committed with a weapon, Fox 32 Chicago reported.

The then-16-year-old Lavelle Redmond and three others kidnapped brutally gang-raped the two underage girls.

He was sentenced to 50 years at age 17. However, in 2016, after 24 years, he was paroled with the requirement to register as a sex offender.

Tiffany Henyard, a black Democrat, was sworn in back in May as mayor, which made her the youngest person and the first female to hold the post in the 128-year history of the Village of Dolton.

She takes your safety ‘very serious’

In spite of the outraged backlash by the residents and the leaders of the village, the seemingly devoted wokeist mayor defended her decision to hire the gang rapist to enter the homes of the locals for the municipal job by arguing that she believes in second chances if the ex-convicts have “repaid their debt to society.”

It turns out that she also believes in hiring her campaign helpers for municipal jobs because Redmond worked on her campaign.

Henyard did put out a statement arguing that she takes the village residents’ safety “very serious [sic]”, and wouldn’t put them in jeopardy.

She said, however, that “we believe a person can be rehabilitated.”

He was hired on September 20 as a code enforcement officer, with an annual salary of over $31,200.

A reporter confronted Redmond about his criminal history, with the latter responding that it was his “childhood background over 30 years ago.”

A number of local residents are quoted as saying they are terrified at the thought of seeing gang rapist Lavelle Redmond come to perform an inspection in their home.