The administration of Democrat President Empty Shelves Joe Biden is wreaking havoc upon the United States of America: it has already bestowed upon us the highest inflation in decades, with skyrocketing gas prices, collapsed supply chains, and rampant Soviet-Union-style shortages of basic necessities and consumer goods all across the nation.

And that’s just on the economy, not even mentioning the colossal damage that Biden and his radical left, progressivist gang has already inflicted upon America’s foreign policy standing, national security, and immigration policy – where it has unleashed a “great resettlement” of Third World people in the United States.

Against this backdrop, senile Empty Shelves Joe has gone out and declared that America is “on the right track.”

On the right track to what?!

Not that anything that he says means anything, really, but the elderly man is still the nominal occupant of the White House, even if the radicals behind him are running the show.

Still, what does he mean by that?

Biden was brought to Virginia on Tuesday in order to campaign in support of the clueless Democrat bidder for governor, Terry McAuliffe, the former abysmal governor of the state in 2014-2018, vs. Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin.

McAulliffe already had Biden’s ex-boss Barack Obama come down and campaign with him on Sunday, with a scandalous speech which caused an outrage among American parents, in the state, and across the nation.

In the readout of his address, Empty Shelves Joe, the man with that nickname given to him just recently for a reason, claimed that “we’re on the move,” and that “we’re on the right track”, we just have to do more of whatever it is that his incompetent administration is doing.

Oblivious to the supply chain crisis and the inflation that he brought about, including the skyrocket gas and energy prices, Biden boasted with the growth of the stock market, and claimed that Americans have higher household wealth.

Sleepy Joe then pour lavish promises about his Communist “Build Back Better” plan which seems to be getting cut in half from the original mind-blowing $3.5 trillion price tag, which the “progressivists” were eager to apportion for pork-barrel spending.

The spending package hasn’t even been adopted yet despite the Democrat majorities in both chambers of Congress simply because the few remaining voices of reason in the Democratic Party were outraged by its overly excessive lavishness.

They’ve got us right where they want us

Back to the question about what Biden means by claiming that America is going in the right direction.

Is he insane for claiming that?

Or is it maybe the right direction that isn’t right for the American people but is right for Biden’s own cohort of radical leftists?

Because the fact of the matter is that in its nine short months so far, Sleepy Joe’s administration has demonstrated that it is profoundly anti-American.

It is working to destroy the gist of American freedom, democracy, values, traditions, and prosperity.

It can fairly be suspected that the ultimate goal of the leftist radicals is to destroy today’s America, and replace it with a totalitarian regime of dictatorship leftism, of the type that the United States has so categorically defeated in the past in the international arena.

So when Biden says it’s going in the right direction, and the crisis is exacerbating, it’s seeming to the far left radicals that they are getting us right where they want us.