West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin might be one of the not so many Democratic Party members of the US Congress with a decent amount of common sense and modern integrity.

After all, among other things, he has just single-handedly achieved the cutting of President Empty Shelves Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion communist spending package to under $2 trillion, saving lots of tax dollars of the American nation.

Defying the AOC-type crazies

Manchin has literally been the only man standing before the nothingness of the unbridled reign of far-left agenda, and he has also functioned as a moral lightning rod, receiving the anger of the rabid “progressivists” of the AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) type.

He has repeatedly described himself as a “conservative” Democrat, and has stated that he is “not a liberal.”

The man seems like a remnant of the old-school Democratic Party, before it was ever seized by Marxism.

He has just acknowledged that he is a lot closer to today’s Republican Party than he is to the Marxism-soiled Democrats.

On Tuesday morning, the West Virginia Senator spoke at a breakfast event for The Economic Club.

In an interview he gave to billionaire David Rubenstein, Manchin stated categorically that he would have it much “easier” if he would switch from the Democrats to the Republican Party.

“It would be much easier, my goodness,” were the exact words of the embattled West Virginia Democrat – because apparently it cannot be easy to be constantly mauled all over the mainstream and social media by a bunch of AOC-led deranged racial and gender Communists who wish to devour America’s entire wealth on their pork barrel spending and on their own self-conceited selves.

Manchin told Rubenstein that he was revealing who he is, and asked rhetorically whether that would be changed if he had a “R” – for Republican, or an “I” – for Independent, instead of a “D” for Democrat in his Senator notation.

Although, in all fairness, Manchin also defended his own uniqueness as a political maverick by making it clear he believes that while it might be easier for him to become a Republican, he doesn’t think the GOP would be “any happier with me” than the Democratic Party.

Out of sync

Last week, a report by far-left site Mother Jones claimed the West Virginia Senator had told his associates he was planning to leave the Democratic Party unless the $3.5 trillion spending bill’s price tag is reduced.

He himself described the report as “bullsh*t”, declaring he has no control over “rumors”.

A day later, Manchin did admit that he had offered the Democratic Party leadership to switch his affiliation to “Independent” if that way he would be causing “less of an embarrassment” to the far-left party members.

And on Monday, the West Virginia Senator admitted further that he is “totally out of sync with 48 other Democrats,” referring to the other 48 Democrat Senators, apparently with the exception of the other most prominent moderate, Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona.

Evidently, Manchin seems out of place with the current AOC-type-crazies-dominated Democratic Party, a relic from a past when US legislators weren’t elected for their deranged partisanship but for their moral integrity, and they could stand politically on their own even without their party affiliation.