In a somewhat bizarre development, Eugene “Gene” Huelsman, a longtime cameraman for leftist mainstream media such as CNN, NBC, and ABC, has been arrested for making vicious death threats against Republican Rep. of Florida Matt Gaetz.

The development in question is bizarre precisely because the suspect appears to be rather successful in his field – he even has five nominations for Emmy Awards for his work on “The Late Night Show with Conan O’Brien” on NBC.

Conan O’Brien’s cameraman on the march

Huelsman’s death threats against Gaetz brings about the question as to just what is happening with the far left and its propaganda machines – are they now just dispatching their operatives to seek to kill Republican members of the US Congress?!

Or is Conan O’Brien’s cameraman a “lone wolf” type wannabe far-left Commie terrorist?

The threats that Huelsman has made against the Florida congressman are really vicious, too, and, on top of everything, they have been known for a long time without the authorities taking any action thus putting Gaetz’s life clearly at risk.

Huelsman was arrested only last week, according to the Gateway Pundit.

He threatened to kill the congressman and members of his family after the January 6 events at the US Capitol.

Court documents show that 58-year-old Gene Huelsman was detained in Los Angeles over an indictment which was returned back in May by a Pensacola, Florida, federal grand jury.

While the indictment doesn’t mention Gaetz, federal prosecutors made it clear that back on January 9, 2021, Huelsman made a telephone to the office of a man with the initials “MG” to make the death threats.

The leftist TV networks’ cameraman said he is coming to “f**king kill” Gaetz, to put a bullet in him and one of his kids.

39-year-old Gaetz doesn’t have any children yet.

He just married his girlfriend Ginger Luckey in August 2021.

Gaetz confirmed to Politico that it was him that the deranged lefty cameraman has targeted with his death threats.

Biden’s DOJ biased against Republicans

There is another suspect who has made death threats against Gaetz, and who hasn’t been arrested in a development that is not related to Gene Huelsman.

As he spoke on the House floor last Wednesday, the Florida congressman described death threats that a different man made against him on Twitter.

The man in question even traveled to Washington, DC to carry them out.

Gaetz announced that the Department of Justice has refused to have the person in question arrested despite the recommendation of the Capitol Police.

The congressman said he wanted his voters and his family to know who prevented the suspect’s arrest in case he does get killed.

He declared his understanding that the Justice Department of the Biden administration “is biased against Republicans”, which is why it isn’t taking measures to protect his life.