Under the administration of Democrat President Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe Biden, the radical leftist have been extremely emboldened – they seem to think that their desired “end of history” scenario is on the verge of arriving, and wokeism is about to win once and for all.

The wokeist Marxists who have brazenly taken the Democratic Party from within, and in a typical Stalinist manner are now crushing the remnants of their intra-party opposition, i.e. the remnants of honesty and decency.

The progressivist goal of abolishing the police to allow far-left terror and Third World crime

One of the top means to achieving the end in which wokeism will be able to terrorize into submission any law-abiding, patriotic Americans is by destroying law enforcement throughout the United States, once the envy of the entire world.

That way gangs of BLM members in Third World style can loot properties and homes of those who do work hard and create wealth, and squads of Marxist Nazi storm troopers from Antifa will be able to beat up anybody they please, whenever they please.

That is why it is no coincidence that the most vicious far-left elements, who certainly have no place in the US Congress, or in any other legislature around the world for that matter, who include Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Cori Bush, and the likes – actually call themselves “the Squad”.

What else could that be but a reference to the terror squads that are already assault Americans in their own country?

The wokeists have been especially perfidious and sly about law enforcement, too.

They first have their local stooges on city councils and in state governments dominated by the Democratic Party “defund the police” on the pretexts of “anti-racism”, their social media foot soldiers demonize law enforcement routinely, and when police departments are left without money to do their job, and scores of officers start leaving because they have been vilified, the wokeists double down on their malicious criticism of the police for not doing their job.

Then the spiral goes down further, and they are apparently seeking to abolish the police altogether and replace it with wokeist nothingness and constant far-left terror.

Guess which is their testing ground.

The city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the vile Marxist wokeists are seeing a great boon to their sickening cause in May 2020 of George Floyd’s death at the hands of local policemen.

This is where the wokeists are already very close to abolishing the police department, and replacing it with a “Department of Public Safety.”

Defund the police, attack it, then destroy it

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), who is just about one of the most disgusting wokeists, spoke over the weekend in a Minneapolis town hall, launching an all-out attack on the Minneapolis Police Department for not doing its job.

Never mind that in December 2020, the Democrat-dominated city council defunded the police by slashing $8 million from its already insufficient budget.

Instead of blaming herself, and her own Marxist kind for stimulating wokeist-encouraged crime, Omar lambasted the Minneapolis PD for not “providing the public safety” that its officer “owe” to the citizens.

This is like Stalinism 101.

You first strip the victim of the possibility to do whatever he or she is supposed to be doing, then you viciously blame him or her, and then you use that as a justification to destroy him or her.

Omar went further with her nasty rhetoric by accusing the local police officers of “not fulfilling their oath of office” and of having “no accountability” for their actions.

Her vicious accusations have a clear goal – justifying the potential total destruction of the police in Minneapolis: just three weeks from now the local voters are supposed to decide on the wokeists’ proposal to disband the police department of their city, and replace it with a wokeist “Department of Public Safety”, which will likely tolerate all kinds of crimes as long as they are committed by people with the right skin color, according to the progressivists Marxists.