Arizona’s senator Kyrsten Sinema was pressed by activists during her transit through D.C.’s Reagan National Airport.

One of the activists, a woman advocating for climate change demanded that the senator provide answers on the matter as Kyrsten has recently proposed to cut $100 billion from Joe Biden’s „Build Back Better” sustainable infrastructure plan.

Kyrsten defended herself, telling the activist to back off, and not touch her anymore, as the woman was slowly closing the physical distance between them.

Sinema tried to ignore the activist by conversing with one of her associates who was traveling with her but the activist, who was later identified to be from Tucson, AZ, adamantly continued alongside them, demanding that the senator comment on her actions regarding climate change.

This was not Sinema’s first rodeo with the like as only last month, one woman followed the democrat senator into the bathroom, along with a cameraman, exposing her displeasure with the senator’s actions, exclaiming that she went door to door to get her elected.

Unlike her contemporary Senator Joe Manchin, Kyrsten was not in Delaware to meet with the US president Joe Biden this weekend.

Sinema is not fully on board with Biden’s Clean Energy agenda

Following the meet, Manchin stated that he is very happy with how the plans are unveiling and hopes it to be a step in the right direction.

Every deal comes with its repercussions though, as Manchin has previously made clear that he is not in favor of Biden’s Clean Energy plan to steer all powerplants to a renewable energy focus.

Only last week, Biden stated that Senator Kyrsten Sinema was very supportive of the environmental plans, but assured that she will not stand with the increased taxes for the wealthier demographic as is proposed in the bill.

After speaking to Sinema on the phone, House Ways and Means chairman representative Richard Neal confirmed that the democrat rebel senator is on board with the agenda and that it should pass, but also that she stated her discomfort with the corporate tax hikes proposed in the package.

It is currently very unclear what side Sinema is playing as her actions paint her as a republican despite her being a democrat.

The ball is in her court so time can only tell.