If there is one great thing about the increasingly far-left-dominated Democratic Party of today is that is ridden with internal conflict, which is means that the far left’s efforts to push America towards outright totalitarianism are getting sabotaged all the time.

That is certainly a silver lining of having the Democrats in control of both chambers of Congress, and a clueless, senile man in the White House, and it has saved the United States from an even worse fate as of the present moment.

Joe robbed of his victorious foreign trip

In fact, the internal rift among the Democrats’ ranks has reached such a crisis-mode level that it just led to a total embarrassment about Democrat President Empty Shelves Joe Biden as on Thursday he was forced to delay leaving for his second foreign trip, leaving the Pope in Rome hanging, and waiting for him for hours, and maybe more.

To the extent that Sleepy Joe is able to fathom the situation, it’s a truly embarrassing one: Moderate Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, who may as well be the only Democrat legislators left who have some basic common sense, integrity, and courage, have gotten him and the party’s congressional leadership to slash the excessive Commie spending bill of “Build Back Better” from $3.5 to about half of that.

However, the nasty far-left extremists from the “Squad” – who might as call themselves the “Squid”, for all practical purposes, including considering Netflix’s violent show “Squid Game” – are crying bloody murder because of their cut potential pork barrel “social” spending, and are threatening to nuke the $1.2 infrastructure bill – and that one was supposed to be a done deal after it actually got some bipartisan support to pass the Senate.

It isn’t surprising that the vicious far-leftists led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are using blackmail and extortion against the Empty Shelves elderly man – after all their entire political tradition of the far left is based on terrorism.

Poor Sleepy Joe was supposed to leave “victorious” for Rome early on Thursday morning, hang out with Pope Francis – especially as he is Catholic, except the abortion-loving kind, then meet with French President Emmanuel Macron, after the Biden administration totally screwed up France in an AUKUS alliance deal for submarines for Australia.

Then over the weekend, there is a gathering of G-20 leaders in Rome.

After that, Biden is supposed to fly off to Glasgow in the UK for a UN climate summit on Monday and Tuesday.

Rabid Squad wants Manchin, Sinema’s heads on spikes

Even worse for Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden, the unraveling intra-Democrat crisis came even though on Wednesday night, he called upon all Democrats to complete the internal talks once and for all to bring the Build Back Better bill with its social and climate change spending “over the finish line.”

However, the Squad far-left extremists are enraged by Manchin and Sinema, that they would rip them to pieces on the West Lawn of the Capitol with their bare, avaricious hands if they could, as the last remaining moderates took away from them huge pork-barrel spending that Communists just live for.

In a Twitter post, nasty Squad House member Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) assaulted Manchin and Sinema as bowing down to Big Pharma, and the fossil fuel industry.

Another rabid Squad face, Ilhan Omar (D-MN) spewed criticism against Manchin and Sinema as being controlled by “corporate lobbyists, billionaires, and coal companies.”

Clearly, the Democrat Party is increasingly the place where any integrity comes to die – and hopefully, Sinema and Manchin won’t be lynched by a greed, vicious Antifa punitive Squad, while Brandony is trying to orient himself in the situation, which he only had nine months to do.