After months of Democratic Party infighting, Democrat President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden unveiled the supposedly final version of his “Build Back Better” plan for lavish social spending.

Biden was quick to tout the embattled bill as “historic” – maybe because it still leaves lavish pork-barrel spending options for his comrades from the increasingly far-left, radicalizing Democratic Party.

The package still has to be adopted, through a budget reconciliation procedure in Congress, which allows for a simple majority, with Biden’s pathetic veep Kamala Harris having a tie-breaking vote in the 50:50 Senate.

The giant silver lining for the American people, even if the Democrats do get to pass the package, which now seems more likely than before, is that the price tag of the spending bill has been cut in half: from the mind-blowing $3.5 trillion (itself down from the original $6 trillion proposed by Vermont Communist Bernie Sanders) down to $1.75 trillion.

Consensus as a compromise masking bitter intra-Democrat conflicts

Empty Shelves Joe gave a speech on Thursday about the final version of the bill, after he had to delay by several hours leaving for a foreign trip in Europe, including a meeting with Pope Francis, another with French President Emmanuel Macron, and participation in the G20 summit in Rome and a climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland.

Nevertheless, doubts have remained since in his 20-minute scripted address, in which he touted various aspects of the Build Back Better plan, he never explicitly mentioned that he actually has a final deal and compromise version that would be certain to clear Congress.

Empty Shelves Joe did boast about having “a historic economic framework”, as he spoke before reporters at the East Room of the White House.

While he emphasized that the Democrats have spent “months and months” working on a compromise deal, Biden just admitted that nobody “got everything they wanted” in the bill, “included me.”

The gigantic price tag of the Democrat pork-barrel spending bill has been reduced in half thanks to the solid and principled opposition of Democrat moderate Senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Cinema of Arizona.

Sleepy Joe did praise “consensus” and “compromise”, a euphemism for the bitter infighting among the Democrat ranks as the ever more aggressive far-leftist Marxists are rapidly cracking down on more moderate dissenters – even as in this case the centrist moderates managed to hold their ground.

Pay your fair share

Biden didn’t omit to boast that the supposedly final version of the Build Back Better package includes many of his own campaign promises that he made before the presidential election in 2020.

He went as far as to suggest that without his government spending spree under the highly controversial bill, America would “risk losing our edge as a nation”.

Biden’s speech included an appeal to the wealth to “pay your fair share”, an expression that he repeated three times.

Because for the Marxists in power the main thing is to have lots and lots of state cash so as to figure out how best to go about lavish pork-barrel spending to their own benefit.