It doesn’t matter that America is in the midst of a horrendous supply chain crisis that leaves store shelves across the nation bare and empty, and is spiking inflation for the already struggling middle and working classes.

It just doesn’t matter: Pete Buttigieg, the Transportation Secretary in the administration of the aptly nicknamed Democrat President Empty Shelves Joe Biden is just out on paternity leave, and that’s that.

Two babies over 330 million

Never mind the 330 million Americans.

Buttigieg, until recently the wokeist mayor of a small town in Indiana, is just out to take care of his husband Chasten and their newly adopted baby twins.

Buttigieg, who is widely believed to have gotten the job only because he eventually supported Joe Biden for the Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential nomination that he was also trying to win, has been out on a paid leave since mid-August.

How it happened that Buttigieg, 39, and his husband got to adopt children right in the middle of a supply chain crisis is a whole other question.

He has already been criticized for being absent precisely at the height of the supply chain crisis but primarily by Republicans, and he has impudently defied their criticism, seeming not giving much of a damn about inflation, the supply chain crisis, and his responsibilities to serve the entire nation.

Now Joe Lonsdale, a venture capitalist from the Silicon Valley, and co-founder of software company Palantir, has come after Buttigieg in quite the forceful manner, criticizing the latter’s manliness – although that might not be the best line of criticism, considering how the Transportation Secretary is gay and has a husband.

The correct masculine response

Lonsdale declared on Twitter that men taking six months of leave over newborns are “losers”, and insisted that “in the old days” men who “had babies” went to work harder just in order to provide for the future of their children.

Lonsdale added further that this is the “correct masculine response” to have a child – against, a criticism of questionable value considering that masculinity might not be the first thing on Buttigieg’s mind, even if he is a Navy Reserve veteran who served a tour in Afghanistan.

The comments by the tech entrepreneur came in a reaction to a segment on the podcast of Joe Rogan who declared that men don’t need to be entitled to have paid leaves when having newborn children.

Rogan, for his part, went all out arguing that while in European countries like Germany both parents might be entitled to newborn child leaves, “this is America”, “this is better” and “here you have to work.”

Whether one deems Rogan’s point valid or not, Lonsdale’s criticism is justified in that even if you can have paternity leave, you probably shouldn’t be taking advantage of it if you happen to be the Transportation Secretary of the United States of America, and the country is being pummeled by a supply chain crisis that your administration created in the first place.

Unfortunately, Pete Buttigieg has done precisely the opposite.