As though all the troubles inflicted so far upon New York City by its lefty Mayor Bill de Blasio weren’t enough, America’s largest city is now going to be left without police officers and firefighters precisely due to his crazy vaccine mandate.

Insulting mandate

With the vaccination mandate deadline at 5 pm on Friday, October 29, a good 27% of the cops of the NYPD remain unvaccinated, and so do a whopping 45% of the firefighters from the NYFD, The Daily Mail reported.

If any of the NYPD and NYFD staff are without even a single dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by tomorrow, they will be placed on unpaid leave – whereas getting at least one dose carries a $500 bonus.

De Blasio’s vaccine mandate is also valid for all city employees.

Andrew Ansbro, head of the Uniformed Firefighters Association, the union of the NYC firefighters, told a news conference on Wednesday that even his unvaccinated colleagues should show up for work after the deadline expires because that way it will be the city that would send them home.

And it will be the city in the face of the NYFD that will fail to protect the residents in the event of fires and insufficient staff to tackle them.

Ansbro declared that the members of the firefighters’ union were truly insulted by the vaccination order of Mayor De Blasio simply because it was announced only last week.

While a total of 73% of the 56,000-strong staff of the NYPD, the percentage for the NYFD is 55%.

The vaccination rate for the sanitation workers is also quite low, at 63%

Real crisis – people will be killed

Meanwhile, a judge on State Island turned down a plea by the largest union of the NYPD, Police Benevolent Association (PBA), for a temporary block on the vaccine mandate.

The union was set for an appeal on Thursday.

The PBA put out a statement declaring its resolve to appeal the ruling, and also blaming Mayor Bill de Blasio as well as Police Commissioner Shea “and the other bureaucrats” for “any shortfall in city services.”

The statement explicitly warned that the vaccine mandate and the ruling refusing to block it are setting up NYC “for a real crisis,” as the mandate’s rollout has caused chaos inside the police department.

Meanwhile, NYPD Commissioner, Dermot Shea issued what seemed like a desperate call for police officers to get vaccinated at the last minute, before the deadline.

Ansbro, the head of the firefighters’ union, forecast that there will chaos around the city as the “staffing is just not there” and there will be no way to keep the city safe.

He emphasized that the time of response for the fire brigades is going to “go through the roof” and the NYFD is set to lose almost half of its force to the mandate, with up to 40% of the firehouses in the city having to close.

Because of the crisis situation created by the mayor’s mandate, NYC residents will be getting killed, Ansbro warned.

Sanitation protests with mountains of trash

Many of the city’s sanitation workers are protesting the vaccine mandate, which has left Brooklyn and Staten Island covered in mountains of trash.

Harry Nespoli, the head of the union of sanitation workers, Teamsters Local 831, blasted the mandate, saying it was unnecessary simply because there is a system already that’s testing once a week those who don’t want the vaccine.

It seems like the next few weeks in New York City will be horrible to experience and watch if the far-left mayor goes through with his vow to send huge numbers of the city workers on leave.