It is somehow important for tragically pathetic Democrat President Joe “the Empty Shelves” Biden to pretend that he is a Catholic, especially now that he might make it to visit the Pope in Rome – in spite of a delay just caused the Commie spending bills sabotage from the most extremists factions of the Democratic Party.

However, Sleepy Joe whole-heartedly supports abortion, the bloody murder of unborn babies by scraping them out of their mothers’ wombs.

How is that Catholic?

It isn’t.

It’s only so in the deranged mind of the Pelosi Marxist-Communists.

Another leftist Joe, the murderer of millions - Joe Stalin also maintained the church, keeping it as nothing but a servant while promoting warlike atheism and despising and terrorizing the believers all along.

Now, America’s Joe – is nowhere near the high-profile Marxist-communist totalitarianism potential of the Soviet dictator but he does enjoy his faith hypocrisies.

He does love to claim all that nonsense about women and their bodies, and treating the unborn as just a bodily organ of their mothers.

Who is to defend the bodily integrity of the unborn babies, and their right to choose whether to live or be murdered – the nasty abortionist bunch will never be able to tell you.

Why are women awarded the benefit of “their bodies”, and the unborn children are not?

Biden’s pretense to be a Catholic and a Christian

Although while Joe Biden enjoys pretending to be a Catholic and a Christian, you are also not supposed to ask how he can be one and still have all the love in the world for abortion.

That was just demonstrated once again by the White House’s propaganda officer, the obnoxious Jen Psaki, who just shut down a reporter trying to ask where Biden agrees with the Pope that abortion is “murder”.

Owen Jensen, EWTN Washington correspondent, dared to ask Psaki if the White House’s propagated “respect for fundamental human dignity” included the dignity of unborn children – now that Empty Shelves Joe was about to meet with the Pope.

Psaki did her natural thing – avoid an answer with some horse** blabbering and then just shut down the one who’s asking the question.

She went on for a few quick seconds with some nonsense on how “the president and Pope Francis” “overlap” and agree on so many issues such as “poverty” and ending the pandemic.

Wow, who doesn’t agree about those?!

The woman’s right to choose to kill a baby BS

Then Psaki piled more nonsense about some “warm and constructive dialogue” with the Pope, and she gave us all the well-known about Biden’s belief in “a woman’s right to choose,” in other words, his total endorsement of the horrifying murder of unborn infants through abortion.

Jensen tried to speak out further by reminding that the Pope has stated that abortion is “like hiring a hitman” and it is in fact “murder.”

After repeating the idiocy about a “woman’s right to choose” – murder apparently – Psaki just went on and shut down the reporter.

So, to sum it up, yes, Sleepy Joe is all in favor of the murder of unborn babies, whose right to choose is – well, they don’t have it, being in the much weaker position.

Under the abortionists’ logic, the same argument could apply to the murder of children who are born.

Why does Biden then even bother to go and meet the Pope in the first place?!

Ah, yes, to pretend that he is a Christian.