What the bloody hell is happening to the United States of America?!?

The horrendously anti-American administration of Joe Biden is not only letting the entire Third World settle in the United States as it has totally erased the US-Mexican border from the map – but it now wants to pay billions of dollars in “compensation” to illegal immigrant families who were “separated” at the border during the administration of President Donald Trump!

The Biden Marxists now want to pay the illegals!

This insane potential move has been reported by The Wall Street Journal, whose report said that the Marxist, wokeist, and totally America-hating Biden administration is mulling paying a whopping $450,000 per person to the families of illegal immigrants that got separated trying to break into the United States.

The illegals in question include about 5,500 migrant children who were separated from their parents under President Trump’s patriotic policy of zero tolerance, in which the illegal immigrant parents were split from their illegal immigrant children in order to face prosecution for their unlawful crossing of the American border – as they should.

Thus, the Biden administration might be looking to pay about $5 billion the criminals invading the country – if the compensation is applied to 5,500 children, and at least one parent for each of those (assuming for the sake of the example that each child is from a separate family; otherwise, there have been cases of multiple siblings and of more than one parent involved).

According to the WSJ sources, officials from the incredibly incompetent and anti-American present-day staff of the Justice Department, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Health Department are mulling paying nearly $1 million per every two illegals from the same family.

What a horrifying crime against the United States of America the Biden administration is conspiring to commit!

Not only has it brought to the US nearly 2 million illegals from the Third World in order to resettle them here to terrorize normal, true Americans, and to breed up as Democratic Party subjects loyal to death – but now it actually wants to pay illegals with US tax dollars because they committed abject crimes against this nation!

And it wants to pay them a lot.

Paying the criminals for their psychological trauma!

Needless to say, the report has totally infuriated the leadership of the Republican Party, where patriotism is among the very top values – as it used to be for every single American before the vicious spread of Marxism and wokeism plague that poisoned the American society like nothing else before.

Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader, declared the possibility of paying the illegals “pure insanity” as the illegals “knowingly broke the law”, and a “slap in the face” for American citizens who pay taxes.

Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas also lambasted the “insanity” of paying “a burglar who broke in your home” because they suffered a “psychological trauma” while committing the crime.

Cotton’s fellow Senator from Arkansas, Steve Womack, too, echoed the insanity comment, as would any decent human being, describing the idea further as “the ultimate insult” to America’s citizens.

Rep. Tim Wahlberg of Michigan said the idea is “pure madness”, while Rep. Bryan Steil stated that it is “unbelievable”.

Apparently, the Democratic Party now fully seized by radical leftist Marxists-Communists and wokeist will not rest until it has destroyed completely the United States of America.

Or at least it will keep trying to achieve that unless American patriots stop this madness right here and right now.