Democrat President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden’s only second foreign trip ever – to Rome and then Glasgow – had already become an embarrassment even before it even started – but now Sleepy Joe himself has made remarks that appear extremely bewildering and questionable.

Biden left several hours late for his meeting with Pope Francis in Rome because of the rabid Democratic Party infighting over the formulation and the passage by the two chambers of Congress of the two gigantic spending packages, the infrastructure bill and “Build Back Better”.

Despite his hopes and his best efforts, and the fact that the latter’s price tag was cut in half, Biden failed to secure an ironclad commitment to the terms of their passing amid the raging conflict between the deranged far-left progressivist radicals and the few remaining moderate Democrat lawmakers.

And we’re supposed to buy that

Sleepy Joe and his main caretaker, wife and First Lady Jill eventually made it to Rome, meeting on Friday with Pope Francis for a total of 75 minutes at the Vatican, behind closed doors.

Before that, the Vatican had canceled live streaming of the meeting, probably wary of potential embarrassments as the senior moments that the increasingly senile Sleepy Joe has been delivering to the American public to the great enjoyment of America’s enemies around the world.

Perhaps the biggest issue surrounding Biden’s claims of being a devout Catholic is his total support for the bloody murder of unborn infants, i.e. abortion.

It is also the reason Catholic clergy prelates in the US have moved to deny him communion.

After the meeting, Biden perfidious wanted to portray it as having gone extremely well, with the Pope telling him to continue to receive communion.

According to Empty Shelves Joe, for the entire 75 minutes, the Pope “just” told him how happy he was “that I was a good Catholic”, and that the issue of abortion wasn’t even mentioned in their conversation.

Both of these allegations are hard to be believed, not least because the US Conference of Bishops has been considering admonishing Catholic politicians such as Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for supporting abortion while also taking Holy Communion at mass.

Joe Biden is technically only the second Catholic president, after John F. Kennedy, but, unlike the latter, the former is a total embarrassment and disaster for the United States of America.

Don’t ask, it’s private

Biden told reporters that he didn’t take communion on Friday, and declared it to have been a “private conversation” when he was asked if the Pope discussed with him the stance of the US Conference of Bishops over abortion and his right to receive communion.

Sleepy Joe further stated that he and the Pope discussed climate change, and the moral responsibility to cope with it.

All in all, the shameless Democrat President just acted as though his audience with the Pope was truly “wonderful.”

And the American public is just expected to buy that, what with Biden being so “exemplary” and such a fine senile human being that is only to be admired, now, apparently, even by the Pope in Rome.