Inbetween the resettlement of the whole Third World inside the United States, and the devastating catastrophe with the withdrawal of Afghanistan, the administration of Empty Shelves Joe Biden managed, just like that, to hurt and infuriate France, one of America’s most important allies around the globe.

The way the Biden administration so “skillfully” achieved that was to form a naval alliance with the UK and Australia in the Indo-Pacific clearly directed against China, and as a part of it, to strike a deal for arming the Aussies with nuclear-powered submarines.

Not with a lot of ‘grace’

The only problem is that Australia already had a $40 billion submarine deal with France, and not only wasn’t France included in the AUKUS alliance but it wasn’t even properly informed in advance that its own submarine building contract was being abrogated.

Needless to say, France was humiliated and infuriated beyond imagination, and, after this diplomatic disaster unfolded in September, Biden’s climate envoy John Kerry admitted in an interview for a French TV that Sleepy Joe, the almighty “leader” of the Free World, didn’t even know about the French-Australian submarine deal when he forged the AUKUS alliance.

Also, needless to say, the damage control efforts of Biden’s pathetic Secretary of State Antony Blinken with respect to the French were as botched as could be expected, and, now, on Friday, Biden finally met with the French leader Emmanuel Macron to try to repair the terribly damaged US-French relationship.

Meeting with the French President in the French Embassy in Rome where both leaders arrived for a G-20 summit, Empty Shelves Joe admitted that “what we did was clumsy” and not “done with grace.”

Evidently, this awkward talk is his way of apologizing to the French.

Not that America needs to be apologizing left and right but in this particular case there is simply no excuse because the diplomatic humiliation of France went down for no rational reason, it just didn’t have to happen but at all.

Biden then went on to declare how “extremely, extremely value partner” France is for the United States – so valued that it hadn’t even been notified it was getting screwed up – and that the two countries have the “same value system.”

The latter is, of course, debatable, considering how hard the Biden administration is pushing wokeism and other Marxist monstrosities upon the American public, and Macron himself has personally complained about the really bad “wokefying” effect that this is having on France’s own black and brown population.

The French have swallowed it but will always have second thoughts

The French leader responded to Sleepy Joe far more gracefully by declaring that “we need to look at” “the future.”

What else is he going to say?

The French already swallowed to Biden-cooked humiliation and the loss of the massive submarine contract.

But you can bet on it that they will never forget that and will always have second thoughts when collaborating with America and will be suspicious of the motivation of the United States.

The rest of Biden’s explanation to Macron certainly didn’t help: namely, Sleepy Joe telling Macron that he had the impression that somebody – maybe Australia – may have informed France about the shift ahead of the announcement of the AUKUS alliance.

That was certainly not the case.

Bravo, Sleepy Joe, on one of the most needless and most embarrassing diplomatic blunders in the history of the United States.